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1 Marketing Professor Finds Youth More Influenced by Cigarette Advertising Than Adults In a study hailed by anti-smoking advocates, a Canadian marketing professor found that teen smokers are more likely to be influenced by strategic tobacco advertising than adults (Associated Press, "Teen-Agers Are More Responsive to Cigarette Ads, Study Says," New York Times, April 4, 1996)

2 Would you like to see what oral cancer looks like? Artist castigates camel The ultimate crushproof box SLIDE SHOW funny, grim gross, "honest" tobacco ads for use by educators and physicians POSTERS terrorize

3 Quit Smoking Information and Products Quit smoking with the help of FREE information, tips, articles, stories, a bulletin board and chatroom, and lots of great products designed to make quitting easier.

4 Re: Cigarette Labeling And Advertising Legislation Notes: Unused Author(s): Pepples, E. Year: 19

5 Cigarette Advertising by Dennis Wesner Presented at the 3rd Annual Student Research Conference Governors State University University Park, IL USA May 29, 1997 Abstract The issue of cigarette advertising has been controversial for many ...

6 !RJ Reynolds' grandson, the anti-smoking advocate, will speak in your city! Patrick Reynolds, grandson of tobacco company founder RJ Reynolds, is a nationally known tobaccofree advocate and motivational speaker. Receive a wealth of positive media coverage!

7 CDC's TIPS - Cigarette Brand Preferences of Teen Smokers The August 19, 1994, issue of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) contains the article, "Changes in the Cigarette Brand Preferences of Adolescent Smokers-U.S., 1989-1993." The article concludes that teens are more likely than adults to smoke the most advertised cigarette brands.

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9 CIGARETTE ADVERTISING Jodi Recek 065 The possibility of a link between advertising and cigarette consumption has always been a contentious issue. There are many points of views that can be focused on from a consumer's ...

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11 Anti Smoking, Tobacco, Cigarette Computer Game for Health an... This exciting DOS educational adventure game carries a very important message to children and youth about the dangers of tobacco use. Even though Puffwort deals with a serious subject it is still a fun delightful adventure game. It provides hours of entertainment while getting across a badly needed message to our youth.

12 Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue Draft 3: Corporate Activity Project The purpose of the Corporate Activity Project was to analyze plaintiffs' theories (particularly in New Jersey) pertaining to

13 The Health Connection on the internet Helping you create Safe and Drug-Free Schools! We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to producing and distributing educational tools. No-risk Guarantee! Order from us with confidence. All materials have been

14 Smokefree Schools, Workplaces and Homes - Home Page and Resource Central. Resources on Success and Public Speaking. Autonomy Publishing's No Smoke Software Program has been used for tobacco education programs in a wide variety of educational and health care organizations. Amsterdam, New

15 Transmitting work on public health aspects of cigarett Notes: Unused Author(s): C

16 FTC REPORT DESCRIPTION OF YOUNG SMOKERS For the young smoker, the cigarette is not yet a necessary part of life, in spite of the fact that they try to project the image of a regular smoker.

17 Networks heed the surgeon general's warning By ELLEN GRAY Special from the Philadelphia Daily News It wasn't until I saw sweet little Sarah Jessica Parker puffing away on a cigarette on a recent "Sex and the City" that it hit me: There are still things I'm not used to seeing on television.

18 Cigarette Advertising TWENTY TURKS 1900---1920 The popularity of Turkish and Egyptian cigarettes had peaked by World War One. However, before

19 White House will warn against ban on cigarette advertising The White House is raising a red flag to deter Congress from imposing sweeping restrictions on ...

20 BADvertising Tobacco Smoking Cigarettes Snuff Honest Adverti... We are pleased to offer assistance to those who seek to diminish the appalling effects of cigarette advertising on unsuspecting children. "Doctored-up" Tobacco Ads

21 The End of Cigarette Advertising •Press Releases & Editorials • News from ACSH • Alcohol • Diseases • Environmental Health • Food Safety • Lifestyle • Medical Care • Nutrition & Fitness • Tobacco • About ACSH • ...

22 Motorsports and Cigarette Smoking Proposal - Part 1 Auto racing is the second largest spectator sport in the United States, only slightly behind NFL football. At-track attendance in 1995 exceeded 14 million and TV viewership totaled over 1.1 billion. y/execute.htm

23 Connecting with Kids where advice and video news about teens and children on emotions, health, school, peers, family, social issues, sports, multimedia, tough topics and other issues on growing up can be found.

24 Cigarette Makers Increase Marketing in Nightclubs and Bars November-December 1997 With increasing bans on cigarette advertising , tobacco firms are increasing marketing in nightclubs and bars to help sell their products (Denise Gellene, "Packing them in," Los Angeles Times (Washington Edition), September 25, 1997, p. 95,

25 Meeting October 1964 G.F.T I INTRODUCTION We were in U.S.A. from 10th September to 15th October, 1964, and had discussions with: The Presidents of the six main cigarette firms in U.S.A., one ex-President and several Directors.

26 History of Tobacco Regulation* Since 1613, when John Rolfe introduced a successful experiment in tobacco cultivation in Virginia (Morison, 1965 : 52) the leaf has assumed major social, industrial, economic and medical ...

27 Is Cigarette Advertising Protected by the First Amendme ACSH ISSUES & ANSWERS • • • ACSH INFORMATION • • • Volume 5 Number 3 1993 Is Cigarette A

28 Costs of Cigarettes to Society: One of the First Analyses Cigarettes: A Huge Cost to Society An Example of The Research Underlying The Attorney General Litigation to Recover Taxpayers' Money Spent on Tobacco Costs

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Advertising Age - 50 Best Commercials Advertising Age's 50 Best Commercials MAXWELL HOUSE With the catchy "Good to the Last Drop" slogan and a catchier audiovisual mnemonic, Maxwell House evoked the smell and flavor of brewed coffee, and sales percolated from the very start.

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Misty Slims and friends A great page on beautiful cigarette advertising , particularly Misty and Salem Spirit.

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