1  Deforestation and Soil Loss The Newsletter of Environmental Geology run by the students, professors, and friends of Environmental Geology at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio  Deforestation and Soil Loss

           2 ELAN: oct97 :  Deforestation  in Haiti  Excite: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 10:37:34 -0400 (EDT) Nazarali Farah K ( Hello. I am a graduate student at George Washington University.

           3 African  Deforestation  and Desertification  Part of the Geographic Education and Technology Program's collection of lesson plans. AFRICAN  DEFORESTATION  AND DESERTIFICATION Linda Zeiler Table of Contents: Activity 1 - The Sahel: A ... Yahoo!: - employs the geographic perspective to identify, analyze and predict solutions for the geographic issues of  deforestation  and desertification in Africa. 

           4 CFAN DISCUSSION PAPER:  DEFORESTATION - Tropical Forests in De...  FORESTRY ISSUES  DEFORESTATION : Tropical Forests in Decline prepared by: John RoperForest Conservation ConsultantBurnaby, British Columbia,Canada Ralph W. 

           5 Law, Politics, and Economics of Amazonian  Deforestation   Online essay by Emilio F. Moran. 

           6 Mark Scott's Warning on  DEFORESTATION    Deforestation  is the destruction of forests. The land is cleared for agriculture and industry. The trees are used for their wood. Humans have had a huge impact on the amount of forests.  

           7  Deforestation  Articles from Latin America by: McSpotlight  The following articles have been provided to the Latin American Alliance Network with the consent of McSpotlinght. We are honored to have permission to... 

           8  Deforestation   The action or process of clearing forests Did you know, that 50,000 species of plants and animals become extinct every year due to  deforestation ? That means that every 12 minutes, a whole species of plant or animal is entirely wiped out from its existince on planet Earth.

           9  Deforestation  - The who, what, where, why, how What is Deforestation ? Reforestation means to plant trees, so therefore deforestation means the opposite.

           10 WP:Analysis:Population dynamics, land use changes and defore... Population density and forest cover Forests in general, and tropical forests in particular, have been receiving increasing attention from the world community since the first United Nations Conference on Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972. 

           11 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Laser Altimeter / LIDAR Transmitter (LALT) Development Laboratory - all-solid state laser transmitters are developed for NASA aircraft and spacecraft. 3-D ranging data is gathered on volcanoes, deforestation , ice sheets, and virtually any global surface feature. 

           12 Third-World Debt and Tropical  Deforestation  This is a brief description of studies that exemplify the methods and approaches that have been developed and used by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). 

           13 TrackStar:  Deforestation   Deforestation by Tian Swee Geok List of Sites

           14 Floresta I will put in the desert the cedar and the acacia, the myrtle and the olive. I will set pines in the wasteland, the fir and the cypress together, so that people may see and know, may consider and understand, that the hand of the Lord has done this, and the Holy One of Israel has created it.

           15 LOOKING FOR INFO: Effects of  deforestation on macroinvertebrate diversity [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ]

           16 Rio+5: WRI Combatting  Deforestation  Paper Prepared by. World Resources Institute for. From Agenda to Action March 13-19, 1997. COMBATTING  DEFORESTATION  Agenda 21, Chapter 11. Overview. Policy...

           17 DEFORESTATION  AND FOREST MANAGEMENT Aitken, S.R. and C.H. Leigh. 1992. Vanishing Rain Forests: The Ecological Transition. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Albers, H., A.C. Fisher, and W.E. Hanemann. 1995. ... 

           18 The Deforestation  DanceTM Overview Introduction: Organisms have certain, basic requirements for survival in their habitats: food, water, shelter, and space. 

           19 Rates and Processes of Environmental Change are often as important to decision makers as are the magnitudes of those changes over the long term. 

           20  Deforestation  Maps of the Brazilian Amazonia INPE obtains precise information about  deforestation  on the Brazilian Amazonia through the analysis of satellite images.

           21 After Duwugan  - by J. Peter Brosius,  deforestation, succession and adaption in Upland Luzon, Philippines.

           22  Deforestation : Causes and Solutions Deforestation: Causes and Solutions.  Deforestation  is a major global problem with serious consequences to the planet. These consequences have negative...

           23 Sven Wunder:  Deforestation  - Equador  Centre for Development ResearchCopenhagenCenter for Udviklingsforskning Back to home page From Dutch Disease to  Deforestation  - A Macroeconomic Link?


           25 Multinational Monitor On-Line  Speculation, Foreign Capital Dependence and the Collapse of the Southeast Asian Economies by Walden Bello BANGKOK -- Environmentalists received an early Christmas gift when the Malaysian government announced in early December that it was suspending plans to build the controversial Bakun Dam in Sarawak. 

           26 Land Use --  Deforestation  Overview CIESIN Thematic Guides * Provisional Release *  Deforestation  Throughout history, the fate of the world's forests has str 

           27 Causes and Consequences of  Deforestation  in the Brazilian Amazon This is a brief description of studies that exemplify the methods and approaches that have been developed and used by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). 

           28 elan Archives: Re: Amazon  deforestation  increased 27% in 1998 Toledo/Lucio Munoz ( Sun, 14 Feb 1999 15:46:21 -0800 (PST) Dear Joseph. Increasing rate of  deforestation  in Brazil and other places despite stronger regulation should not be a surprise.

           29 Manna Foam, Inc. Manna Foam is an insulated building material that combines features of an exterior, interior, insulation and structural panel into one. It is fire resistant, shock absorbent, soundproof, waterproof, and environmentally safe, while possessing high compressive strength and being made of 100% recycled materials.

           30 Tropical  Deforestation Talk, Malcolm Gillis, 2/2/96 I begin by offering a welcome to all participants in the 1996 Rice Environmental Conference, a student-inspired, student-organized undertaking. For my part, I will be focusing on some critical ...  See also Tropical Deforestation, Poverty, and Public Policy 

           31 New Forests Project  - people-to-people, nonprofit environmental organization established in an effort to curb  deforestation  in developing countries. 

           32 Rainforest  Deforestation  Environmental and Cultural Implications of Rainforest  Deforestation  in Southeast Asia. Contents. Facts about Rainforests Plants and Medecines Animals.... 

           33 elan Archives: Amazon  deforestation  increased 27% in 1998 Joseph Domask ( Sat, 13 Feb 1999 10:43:27 -0500

           34 Global Atmospheric/Climate Change: Deforestation   Global Atmospheric Degradation and Climate Change:  Deforestation  Def

           35 World News Daily| News | Natural Land Natural Land's international news e-zine, updated daily.Features the latest on natural health and living from China, India, Japan and others. Breaking news covering in health, fitness, natural weight loss, herbs, healing, alternative medicine,organic living, herbal remedies, recent legislation and more.

           36 Previous Articles - Deforestation: Causes, Implications, and Solutions  At the close of the twentieth century, the world finds itself undergoing the most rapid and complete... 

           37  Deforestation  and Desiccation in China Wang Hongchang1 I. INTRODUCTION The goal of this paper is to discover the impact of  deforestation  on the desiccation of China's north and northwest. The study starts with a brief ... 

           38  Deforestation  in Central America: Spanish Legacy and North American Co... N. Myers & R. Tucker (1987) Deforestation  in Central America: Spanish Legacy and North American Consumers. , Environmental Review, Spring issue.

           39 Peru Rainforest  Hi Welcome to Elizabeth Connelly's, Megan Polestra's, and Megan Tole's webpage on the Peru rainforest and those surrounding it. Our webpage will introduce you to other sites we found useful and informative.

           40 Discussion Group -  deforestation  Directory Buttons DirectoryWriting CenterDiscussion AreaSearch Followups Post Followup Social_Issues discussions index

           41 Causes and Consequences of Tropical  Deforestation  Although tropical deforestation  is a major global environmental concern, its causes remain poorly understood. In connection with a larger project looking at links among ...

           42 Kashmir Environmental Watch Association (K.E.W.A.) - covering environmental issues facing Jammu and Kashmir including endangered species, de-forestation, environmental protection, and dam construction.

           43  Deforestation    Deforestation  is caused by complex social, economical and political issues of developed and developing nations. Due to the rapid destruction of our world..

           44 Untitled  "ECOLOGY: New Tropical Center Opens at UMSL" 9/14/90 by William Allen St. Louis Post Dispatch Singer John Denver helped inaugurate a new tropical ecology center Thursday at the University of Missouri at St.

           45  Deforestation  of the Costa Rican Rainforests  This discussion topic submitted by Dan Baxt ( on 5/7/98.

           46 IDRC Focus Collection: Deforestation  in Viet Nam  IDRC: Resources: Books: Catalogue Rodolphe De Koninck IDRC 1999, ISBN 0-88936-869-4, $25 110 pp., 6¾" x 9¾"...

           47  Deforestation   Global crisis, how the United States is responding? Global Clearcutting Statistics 2.47 acres/sec 150 acres/minute 78 million acres/year Check out causes and effects of  deforestation 

           48 Reforesting Scotland  Most of us have heard about the extensive Caledonian Forest which used to cover much of Scotland. Its existence has been consigned mostly to the history books and to a few marginalised present day remnants.

           49 ENVIRONMENT:  Deforestation Rampant in Amazonia By Mario Osava RIO DE JANEIRO, Jan 30 (IPS) - The Amazon region of Brazil in three years has lost more than 60,000 square kilometres of forests - an area one-and-half times the size of Switzerland ...