1000 Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency & Lung Disease
Excite: ALPHA-1 ANTITRYPSIN DEFICIENCY & LUNG DISEASE Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency is an inherited disorder which usually affects the lungs. The information presented here is intended to answer your questions and provide you with a better understanding of this rare condition.
Infoseek: ALPHA-1 ANTITRYPSIN DEFICIENCY & LUNG DISEASE Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency is an inherited disorder which usually affects the lungs. The information presented here is intended to ... http://www.nevdgp.org.au/geninf/lung_f/alpha-1-health.html (Excite, Infoseek)

648 BADvertising Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes Snuff Info Fact
Rumored to be true: Worldwide, tobacco kills more than two and a half million people prematurely every year. (World Heal
http://www.badvertising.org/facts.html (Lycos)

648 start smoking it is cool
Excite, WebCrawler: This is the start smoking page: yes this page promotes smoking,seems strange in todays no smoking society.well some bodys gotta do it. For starters i am a smoker.I started when i was thirteen thats been 22 years ago.
http://members.xoom.com/staylor1/smoking.html (Excite, WebCrawler)

648 Dear Dr. Becky: Breathing Problems
You don't have to be a doctor to realize that breathing problems can be from allergies, asthma, emphysema, smoking or other respiratory tract abnormalities.
http://healthlink.mcw.edu/content/article/00022 (Infoseek)

583 COPD explained
(MAYO CLINIC) - What is COPD? What are the newest and best treatments available today?
http://www.mayohealth.org/mayo/askphys/qa970926.htm (Excite)

540 Vision - an e-zine with @-it-ude
ANTI-COLUMN Put Your Butt Out! Fact: Tobacco kills more than two and a half million people prematurely every year. Fact:
http://www.sids.com/news/anti-column5.htm (Lycos)

453 Untitled
Excite, WebCrawler: The physicians and staff at Pulmonary Associates (PA) would like to welcome you to our practice. We hope this website will provide you with helpful information you may need to know now about our practice, as well as serve as a reference guide to questions you may have in the future.
http://www.pulmonaryassociates.com/ (Excite, WebCrawler)

451 Column - Tobacco Lawsuit
Attorney General Montgomery Sues Tobacco Industry -- Her Action May Make Ohio the Straw That Breaks Joe Camelís Back Sadly, peer pressure and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly. Itís common for ...
http://www.ag.ohio.gov/columns/tobacco.htm (Infoseek)

432 Respiratory System Outline
Respiration I. Introductory A. The O2 and CO2 Shuttle System 1. Metabolism of Glucose for Energy 2. The Carbonic Anhydra
http://www.ag.auburn.edu/~dfadool/res.html (Lycos)

382 Discussion Guide: Harming Your Health Now...Not Later
SMOKING: THE TRUTH UNFILTERED DISCUSSION GUIDE SECTION ONE HARMING YOUR HEALTH NOW...NOT LATER Nineteen-year-old Andrea Barrow, who started smoking three years ago, finds that her pack-a-day habit is affecting the way she feels.
http://www.pbs.org/wnet/mix/health.html (Excite)

324 Smokers International
All you need to know to quit successfully Replaces cigarettes as the body's sourcefor nicotine Cures the body's psycholo
http://smokers.net/ (Lycos)

313 My Emphysema
CIGARETTE ANYONE? Why you shouldn't smoke and what it is like to have Emphysema from those with the disease. Contributed by members of Most of us started smoking back in the 40's and 50's.
http://www.emphysema.net/my.html (Excite)

QUIT FOR LIFE! Smoking is a dangerous addiction, killing over 500,000 people a year in the United States alone! Quit for LifeTM is the most effective, 100% all- natural, ...
http://www.galaxymall.com/health/quit/ (Infoseek)

264 APLA 9703:From our Spirit
Anyone who smokes -whether they are HIV-positive or not- should heed a 1984 report prepared by the then-surgeon general, C. Everett Koop, on the health consequences of smoking. The report concluded that ...
http://www.apla.org/apla/9703/spirit.html (Infoseek)

259 Court TV Trial Report
The Key Testimony Bruce Yergin, a pulmonologist with a long interest in smoking-related disease, first saw Grady Carter in February 5, 1991, on a referral from Carter's internist.
http://www.courttv.com/report/smoking.html (WebCrawler)

246 Smoking Causes Cancer, Emphysema, and Asthma
Definitely not a real smoker, Jeremy wants all teens to know that smoking causes cancer, emphysema, and asthma. (What an actor, huh!)
http://www.pediatrx.com/video/smoking.html (Excite)

MARLBORO MAN'S WIDOW SUES PHILIP MORRIS [10/03] The widow of David McLean, one of the models for the Marlboro Man commer
http://ash.org/marlboroman.html (Lycos)

207 onHealth: Emphysema
Causes, diagnosis, treatment, medicine and prevention of emphysema.
http://onhealth.com/ch1/resour...nditions/fulltext/item,309.asp (Infoseek)

184 Lifestyle and Nutrition: 20 Good Reasons To Stop Smoking
20 Good Reasons To Stop Smoking Tobacco smoke contains at least 50 known toxic or cancer forming substances. Smoking is linked to cancer of the lung, mouth, larynx and oesophagus.
http://www.wce.ac.nz/cancer/li...estyles_smokefree/reasons.html (Excite)

166 The Family Health Channel
Finally... television that's good for you. 24-hour Health News and Information for 165,000 Households in South-Central Kansas.
http://www.familyhealthchannel.com/ (Infoseek)

135 Slashdot:News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.
The MS vs. DOJ case arguements end Posted by Hemos on Friday June 25, @08:50AM EDT from the the-slow-moving-wheels-of-justice dept. BlackICE writes "Ding dong the witch is dead-The trial portion of the case is over, and now both sides will have about a month to prepare closing statements.
http://slashdot.org/ (WebCrawler)

123 About Alpha Home Page
What is alpha-1 antitrypsin? Alpha-1 antitrypsin is a protein which circulates in your blood. Most of the alpha-1 antitrypsin in your blood is made in your liver.
http://www.alpha1.org.uk/About_Alpha/about_alpha_home.htm (Excite)

110 Conditions A-Z: Emphysema
Emphysema, a potentially fatal lung disease characterized by loss of elasticity in the lungs, typically causes chronic, mild coughing a ...
http://ww1.onhealth.com/ch1/re...nditions/fulltext/item,309.asp (Infoseek)

108 Reference
<MAP NAME="navigation"> AREA COORDS="160,10,217,29" HREF="/bin/build_page.pl?page=ot/frameset" TARGET="_top"> A
http://www.yourhealth.com/bin/...age=/sis/illness_html/276.html (Lycos)

60 Women & Smoking
Cigarette smoking is a habit that greatly increases your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. Smoking by women in this country causes almost as many deaths from heart disease as from lung cancer.
http://www.shi.org/HealthyHeart/women__smoking.html (Excite)

56 NEW MILFORD HOSPITAL - Respiratory and Pulmonary Services - Diagnostic Evaluation, Asthma
At New Milford Hospital, our Respiratory Care Department provides diagnostic evaluation, treatment, and care for people having problems associated ...
http://www.newmilfordhospital....vices/services_respiratory.htm (Infoseek)

26 Stop Smoking! The No Nag, No Guilt, Better Faster Way to Quit Smoking
Optimal Breathing's Stop Smoking Program: The only drug free stop smoking program integrating the power of natural breathing
http://www.breathing.com/articles/stopsmoking.htm (Infoseek)