In the Federal Election Commission
Office of General Counsel
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Washington D.C. 20463

In the Matter of Brenda
Scott, Clyde Cleveland, Kay                                                           10 June 1997
Everett and Gilbert Hill                                                                   MUR 4644


          Pursuant to 2 USC § 437g and 11 CFR § 111, this is a complaint of incidents which are a matter of public record, based upon information and belief, as they have been repeatedly covered in Detroit media, e.g., the Detroit Free Press, Wednesday, 21 May 1997, page B1, including an interview with an employee of your agency, about appareent violation of federal election law. Some Detroit, Michigan, City Council members, apparently, Brenda Scott, Clyde Cleveland, Kay Everett and Gilbert Hill, have had booths that sell beer as fund raisers at the three day Detroit "Downtown Hoedown." About 800,000 people attend. Canadian purchases can be up to 40% of the funds collected. Federal law bans non-citizens from making campaign contributions to U.S. candidates. Based on information and belief, Canadian-derived money is often collected at candidates' beer booths. No particular action is taken to prevent contributions from Canadians to their campaigns.                                                             

                                                                                            Leroy J. Pletten
Subscribed and sworn before me                                       Leroy J. Pletten
this 10th day of June, 1997,                                                8401 18 Mile Road #29
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