Funding Information Sources
Funding Information Sources

1. To begin fundraising research, start with, for example, the FAQ topics in the Online Library section of the Web site

2. Note especially the FAQ entitled "How do I find out about grants for my subject area or field of interest?"

3. For a more in-depth introduction to the grantseeking and funding research process, the site also offers a self-guided orientation to help the would-be applicant get started

4. For finding potential foundation funders, review the Grantmaker Information section of the Web site This is a listing of foundations and other grantmakers that have made information about themselves available online.

5. The Grantmaker Search feature enables searching the site's abstracts describing foundation Web sites by subject or geographic area. While at present a relatively small number of foundations are using the Internet to make their guidelines known, that number is growing daily.

6. The Community Foundation Locator at the Council on Foundations Web site can help you to see whether there is a foundation serving your local area.

7. You can also begin developing a list of foundation prospects by using the Foundation Directory. In the subject index in the back of the book, look at the funders listed under the appropriate headings. This book is available for free public use at all five Foundation Center libraries and at over 200 Cooperating Collections nationwide. Check the listing at for the library or collection nearest you.

8. The Foundation Center's Database on CD-ROM is also available at Center libraries and Cooperating Collections. FC Search combines powerful search capabilities with the information contained in a number of Foundation Center print publications.

9. Successful fundraising is often the result of patient cultivation of the funders you identify as potential partners. The Foundation Center can point you to some of the best resources available for effective fundraising research, but it is not able to make specific recommendations on funders for you to approach. You are the one most qualified to match your particular needs to the interests of prospective funders.

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