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These Fact Sheets were developed by Anne Morrow Donley (Virginia), Dr. K. Heinz Ginzel (New Mexico), Pete Hanauer (California), and Alvina Bey Bennett (Virginia):


This is only a very brief, introductory list of resource groups, contact persons, and web sites.
Legal Issues:

John Banzhaf, Kathleen Scheg
Action on Smoking and Health, 202-659-4310

Richard Daynard, Edward Sweda, Graham Kelder
Tobacco Product Liability Project, 617-373-2026

Joan Mulhern, Alan Morrison
Public Citizen, 202-546-4996

American Trial Lawyers Association, 202-965-3500

Science, Addiction, Medical Issues:

Alvina Bey Bennett, R.N.
Consultant, 804-762-4916

Michele Bloch, M.D.
American Medical Women's Association, 301-460-4185

Gregory Connolly, D.D.
Massachusetts Dept. Public Health, smokeless tobacco expert, 617-624-5900

Dave Cundiff, M.D.
American Association of Public Health Physicians, 502-419-6132

K. Heinz Ginzel, M.D.,
Professor emeritus of Pharmacology and Toxicology, 505-522-0180

Stanton Glantz, Ph.D.
Co-author of The Cigarette Papers, San Francisco, 415-476-3893

Fred Grannis, M.D.
Head, Thoracic Surgery, City of Hope Natl. Med. Center, CA, 626-359-8111

Andrew McGuire
Expert fire-safe cigarettes
Trauma Foundation, San Francisco General Hospital 415-821-8209

John O'Hara, Ph.D.
Articles on radioactivity in tobacco smoke, 301-262-5867

Repace Associates:
Secondhand Smoke Consultants, 301-262-9131

Michael Siegel, M.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences, 617-638-5167

John Slade, M.D.
Co-author of The Cigarette Papers 732-745-8600, ext. 8160

History of the Nonsmokers' Rights Movement:

John Banzhaf, Kathleen Scheg
Action on Smoking and Health, 202-659-4310

Peter Hanauer
Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, co-author of The Cigarette Papers, 415-732-8591

Jack Cannon

Public Health, Public Policy:

John Banzhaf, Kathleen Scheg
Action on Smoking and Health, 202-659-4310


Joel Nitzkin, M.D.
President of American Association of Public Health Physicians, 504-899-2563

Center for Responsive Politics
To "follow the money"

Center for Responsive Politics, Virginia Public Access Project

Advertising, Brand and Marketing Issues:

Alan Brody
Author, Cigarette Seduction, 914-723-4464

Joseph DiFranza, M.D.
Articles on youth, marketing

Bonnie Vierthaler
Badvertising Institute, 607-693-3400

Ethical, Moral Issues:

Rev. Michael Crosby
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, 414-271-0135

Rev. Joseph La Mar
Maryknoll Brothers, 914-941-7636, ext. 2516

International Issues:

Robert Weissman, Essential Action, 202-387-8030

Grass Roots Issues:

John Banzhaf, Kathleen Scheg,
Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), 202-659-4310

Pete Bialick
Colorado GASP, 303-444-9799

Regina Carlson
New Jersey GASP, 908-273-9368

Joe Cherner
SmokeFree Educational Services, 212-912-0960

Hilton Oliver, Anne Morrow Donley
Virginia Group to Alleviate Smoking in Public (GASP), Group Against Smoking in Public, 4856 Haygood Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 757-490-2905

Gordon Draves
GASP, Georgians Against Smoking Pollution, 404-766-3456

Bob Fox
Fresh Air for Nonsmokers, FANS, 206-932-7011

Bill Godshall
SmokeFree Pennsylvania, 412-351-5880

Don Morris, Ph.D.
Arizonans Concerned About Smoking, 623-465-2227

Dan Zaccaro
North Carolina GASP, Group Against Smoking Pollution, 336-716-6755

Rita Zemlock
GASP of Florida, 305-935-0804

Some Web Sites:

Action on Smoking and Health

Jack Cannon
    A further list of web site links is given at Jack Cannon's address, including links to secret documents and other information.

Tobacco BBS, Gene Borio
    A further list of web site links is given at Gene Borio's address, including links to secret documents.

Tobacco Product Liability Project, Tobacco Control Resource Center

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights

Colorado GASP

Virginia GASP

Washington DOC

American Lung Association

Essential Action

Corporate Watch

Center for Responsive Politics

Center for Responsive Politics, Virginia Public Access Project


B. C., Canada

Global Link - International Union Against Cancer


[Virginia GASP]