News Article on Michigan Cigarette Law
reprinted from
55 The Pennsylvania Challenge (#1) 4 (Jan-Feb 2000)

Michigan News: Michigan still has a pre-prohibitionist era anti-cigarette law. Written in 1909, that law (MCL 750.27, MSA 28.216) bans manufacture and sale of deleterious and adulterated cigarettes. The law is based on the concept that cigarettes introduce children to alcohol and drug use. Cigarettes cause disease and suffering, and in turn, to self-medication by alcohol and drugs.

The Michigan law recognizes that merely banning sales to children does not work. Adults must set a right, moral example. So the ban on cigarette sales is not limited to children.

The Crime Prevention Group (TCPG), Sterling Heights, Michigan, is running a letter writing campaign to get the law enforced. TCPG urges people to write to Honorable John Engler, Governor, State of Michigan, P. O. Box 30013, Lansing MI 48909-7513, asking him to have the State Police enforce the cigarette control law, MCL 750.27, MSA 28.216. TCPG requests that people everywhere write him, letting him know that cigarettes are the starter drug, and that Michigan's law against cigarettes has nationwide recognition.

In addition, as a further anti-alcohol and anti-drug measure, TCPG urges people everywhere to write their local officials, Governors, Congressmen, Senators, and the President, asking that a cigarette law like Michigan's MCL 750.27, MSA 28.216, be adopted everywhere.

TCPG maintains websites to publicize this information worldwide, and to urge letters from everywhere. Examples of websites, for those with Internet access, include:
(data on cigarettes as leading to alcohol, with sample letters)
(data on cigarettes as leading to drugs, with sample letters)
(detailed explanation of the Michigan anti-cigarette law)
(data on the Michigan Infaith Council on Alcohol Problems)
(data on Biblical principles against cigarette selling)
(reference material on Prohibition's success, and how it was sabotaged)

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