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1. Prohibition Documents A series of documents dating from the 1870s to the 1920s. Original documents and images with transcriptions of period arguments for and against prohibition . These pages are maintained by http://www.cohums.ohio-state.e.../history/projects/prohibition/

2. Temperance and Prohibition - Essays Series of 11 essays chronicles the beginnings of the temperance movement in America and the early years of alcoholic prohibition: (a) Why was there prohibition in the United States? (b) Prohibition and the Growth of the Brewing Industry (c) The Woman's Crusade of 1873-74 (d) Frances E. Willard (1838-1898) http://www.history.ohio-state....jects/prohibition/Contents.htm
Also Table of Contents http://www.cohums.ohio-state.e...jects/prohibition/Contents.htm

3. Anti-Saloon League Home Page The Anti-Saloon League from 1893 to 1933 was a major force in American politics. Influencing the United States through the printed word and lobbying, they turned a moral crusade

4. American Temperance and Prohibition These pages are maintained by Professor K. Austin Kerr of the Ohio State University Department of History, with a comprehensive study of the Prohibition era in the U.S. http://www.history.ohio-state....ojects/prohibition/default.htm

5. Prohibition Crime Prohibition and crime “It is impossible to stop liquor trickling through a dotted line” --An agent Prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s brought a change in the economics, sociology, and politics in the U.S. Economically smuggling in alcohol from Canada brought enormous amounts of

6. The Prohibition Party Page deals in large part with the history and politics of the Prohibition Party. The Prohibition Party stands for social responsibility and hopes to educate voters of the negative aspects
a. Prohibition Party Home Page The Prohibition Party conducts a national convention every two years. Conventions are held the year before U.S. Presidential elections so as to give ample time for party members to overcome oppressive ballot access

7. ALCOHOL PROHIBITION WAS A FAILURE Policy Analysis No. 157    (July 17, 1991) by Mark Thornton. Mark Thornton is the O. P. Alford III Assistant Professor of Economicsat Auburn University. Executive Summary ...

8. Wickersham Commission Report on Alcohol Prohibition Read the full transcripts of the Wickersham Commission Report on Alcohol Prohibition from 1931 which studies the effectiveness of prohibition. Report on the Enforcement of the Prohibition Laws

9. Prohibition of Alcohol in the 1920s Term paper by Catherine H. Poholek argues that the contribution of Prohibition to the rise in organized crime outweighed its benefits to society. A comprehensive study of the failure of Prohibition in the 1920s, including reasons for its failure, and its immediate effects on society.

10. American Temperance and Prohibition http://www.cohums.ohio-state.e...ojects/prohibition/default.htm

11. The Pestilence Of Fanaticism An article by former Senator James A. Reed attacking Prohibition and other "do gooder" schemes of the 1920s.

12. Why Prohibition? Why did the United States have a prohibition movement, and enact prohibition? We offer some generalizations in answer to that question. http://www.cohums.ohio-state.e...prohibition/whyprohibition.htm

13. The Ohio Dry Campaign of 1918 Ohio was a very closely contested state in the national campaign to eradicate the liquor traffic by declaring illegal the businesses of manufacturing, distributing, and selling alcoholic beverages.

14. PROHIBITION :Towncrier RMB Online Advertising Towncrier< A HREF=" PROHIBITION _2193.htm" PROHIBITION Artist : PR

14. American Prohibition - Ohio State History Ohio State History Department has collected these essays regarding the early days of the American temperance movement and prohibition . http://www.cohums.ohio-state.e...cts/prohibition/OLDdefault.htm

15. Prohibition 1920-1933 - from Michigan State University

16. Ethan Nadelmann's Entry on Drug Prohibition in Collier's Encyclopedia - The Li The desire of man to alter his state of consciousness is one of the few constants in human history; so too is the use of psychoactive substances...

17. Prohibition Party Home Page Points Of Contact Earl F. Dodge: CL Gammon: Prohibit

18. Prohibition in the 1920s - including reasons for its failures and its immediate effects on society.

19. Prohibition - Essay AltaVista: Prohibition . In 1917 Congress passed the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution which prohibited the export, import, manufacture, sale of alcohol. Essay about 1920's prohibition equates the feeling of invincibility and rebellion of the flapper to the consumption of stronger, homemade liquor.

20. American Women and the Repeal of Prohibition - TLC Bookstore Jacket blurb and reviewer comments for American Women and the Repeal of Prohibition , by Kenneth D. Rose, featured in the Lindesmith Center's...

1. Nature International weekly journal of science offers a Web special on cloning which includes the letter announcing the Hawaii success.

1. Marijuana and the 420coalition Anti- prohibition Demonstration - call for protest on April 20, 2001, to legalize marijuana.

1. THINKING ABOUT DRUG LEGALIZATION THINKING ABOUT DRUG LEGALIZATION by James Ostrowski James Ostrowski, an associate policy analyst of the Cato Institute, was vice chairman of the New York County Lawyers Association Committee on Law Reform. (WebCrawler)

1. Libertarian.Org For people who are exploring libertarianism, whether they are long-time libertarians or investigating this political philosophy for the first time. (Infoseek)

1. prohibition Powered by Linux prohibition Searches Members Only Make Money, join our webmaster link program. Prohibition (Lycos)


Think for Yourself: Conservatives on Prohibition Infoseek: A collection of recent articles by well-known conservatives ranging from William F. Buckley to Milton Friedman. WebCrawler: Visit Insight Web Hub Conservatives on Prohibition Your host is Jim Rosenfield Home Page Recent Additions The War on Drugs DARE DRCNet : The Drug Reform Coordination Network (Infoseek, WebCrawler)

1. Alcohol Information Tell Children the Truth About Drinking Los Angeles Times OP-ED March 1, 1996 By Stanton Peele "The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. (Excite)

1. Great Illusion - Informal History of Prohibition Fifteen chapter study chronicles the start of Prohibition , the development of speakeasys and gangsterism, and the end of the noble experiment. (LookSmart)

1. Lycos TOP 5% Review: American Temperance and Prohibition Help Feedback Search for: Search Top 5 % New Search Lycos Network : | | | | All Sites... Shop Now At (Direct Hit)

1. Internet Gambling Prohibition Act of 1997 - full text of bill introduced to the U.S. Senate. 139, (Yahoo!)

1. Internet Gambling: Prohibition v. Legalization (Testimony) Internet Gambling: Prohibition v. Legalization. Testimony of. Tom W. Bell Director, Telecommunications & Technology Studies the Cato Institute. before the. (AltaVista)

1. AliceClub Except for the people concerned, prohibition of admittance. Alice Club Net. (Thunderstone)

1. Drug Information Resources Prohibition and its Discontents ... a diagnosis of the current state of US drug policy "A fraudulent waste of taxpayer's money fighting a battle which cannot be won." (WebCrawler)

1. Prohibition Party - Encarta Online Concise Prohibition Party , political organization in the United States advocating prohibition , the outlawing of the manufacture and sale of (Excite)

1. Prohibition of Liquor - Essay Essay by Bahri Rexhepi studies the origins and effects of prohibition on 1920's society. Examines the ways the failing policy was ridiculed. (LookSmart)

Strait, Jake - with information on secret government conspiracies, and prohibition agents Izzy and Moe. (Yahoo!)

1. Action Forum of the Global Anti- Prohibition Movement Action Forum of the Global Anti- Prohibition Movement - Join the Legalize! Initiative and help end the prohibition of drugs! (Thunderstone) Pages at this site with the same name: 1.

1. Scott Snyder: Prohibition : "The Noble Experiment" Prohibition : "The Noble Experiment" Introduction: Whether it be a glass of wine with the family dinner, the advertising blitz of alcoholic beverages during your favorite television show,or the crime you see on the evening news, alcohol is constantly present in most American's lives. (Excite)

1. Dialog on Drug Prohibition Let's start with a diagnosis of the current state of US drug policy, before moving onto more prescriptive questions about changing that policy. Since its inception in the early eighties, the War On ... (Infoseek)

1. Music Of The 1930's Venerable Music offers an extensive collection of early recordings on Cd, Cassette and VHS. ( paid result)

1. Prohibition and Rights Drug Policy vs. Individual Rights Drug law enforcement violates individual rights. The annals of drug enforcement are fi (Lycos)

1. James Page Brewery - one of the original post- prohibition microbreweries. (Yahoo!)

1. Prohibition Home Page Information about GREENWOOD'S Prohibition (Direct Hit)

1. Alcohol & Drinking FUN FACTS: "Noble Experiment" of Prohibition Overview: Bill McCoy, the original "real McCoy," was a bootlegger well known for selling quality imported alcoholic beverages and prohibitionists often... (AltaVista)

twisted logic . purity is a lie Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation, (Thunderstone)

1. American Christian Universiy American Christian University Please bear with us while this page is still under construction..... For any questions, please e-mail us at: E-Mail: (WebCrawler)

1. The Repeal of Prohibition Microsoft Chart After more than a decade of prohibition , alcoholic beverages were finally made legal again by the Twenty-first amendment to the Constitution in December of 1933 which repealed the law. (
1. Partisan Prohibition Historical Society societyheader.gif (11102 bytes) smalljim.gif (4797 bytes) bar.jpg (1440 bytes) The Partisan Prohibition Historical Socie (Lycos)

1. Failure of Prohibition - Policy Analysis Mark Thornton at Auburn University provides a detailed study of the failures of the policy of the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s and 30s. (LookSmart)

1. Weed Witches - ezine features issues relating to drugs, drug law reform, and the politics of prohibition in Australia.

1. Drug Prohibition Has Failed Congress today confronts a failed prohibition policy. Futile efforts to enforce prohibition have been pursued even more vigorously...

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1. All-American Country Store Infoseek: All-American Country Store Thank you for visiting theAll-American Country Store We are under construction. Visit us again soon. In the mean time, visit some of the sites we're linked with. Cool ... DirectHit: Thank you for visiting theAll-American Country Store We are under construction. Visit us again soon. In the mean time, visit some of the sites we're linked with. Cool Links Gammon

1. 31 March 1999 : ` Prohibition will not be imposed in Karnataka' Wednesday 31 March 1999 ` Prohibition will not be imposed in Karnataka' The Times of India News Service BANGALORE: Deputy chief minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday defended the proposal to reduce the price of beer, even as he reiterated that prohibition would not be introduced in the state. (Excite)

1. CHEMICAL WEAPONS September 1998 ORGANIZATION FOR THE PROHIBITION OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague, the Netherlands, is responsible for implementing the Chemical ... (Infoseek)

1. Think for Yourself - articles and opinion about drug policy related issues: prohibition , the war on drugs, marijuana, harm reduction. Section on D.A.R.E., 3-Strikes, and the Justice system. (Yahoo!)

1. Chicago Gang Wars - A true story of prohibition era organized crime. The grisly true story of the bloody Chicago Gang Wars. 034 A .45 caliber ride back to the Roaring Twenties 034 . (Thunderstone)

14. Hemp Initiative Projects of Washington State On January 12th, 1998, the Hemp Initiative Projects of Washington State officially disbanded. Thanks to all who were a part of this organization. This website will remain as an information source for others who may want to try an initiative.

1. The Chemical Weapons Convention Homepage States Parties, the regional groups, etc., but also of Signatory States who have not yet deposited their instruments of ratification What's happening at the OPCW and the Secretariat a calendarium of scheduled events
a. Also Information on the Chemical Weapons Convention and other issues relating to toxic chemicals and chemical protection.

15. StonerNET StonerNET is the place on the net to unite stoners around the world in order to end the prohibition of cannabis.

17. Welcome to the OPANAL web site! Homepage of the Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean OPANAL

12. Prohibition Knotwork: Tie it all together The usury-tribute to the Bankers on personal, local, State and Federal debt totals more than the combined earnings of 25% of the working people. Soon it will be 50% and continue upward. - Pastor Sheldon Emry

21. Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Tansfer Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Tansfer of Anti-personnel Mines and on their Destruction, Oslo Treaty Text....

1. Welcome to Prohibition sports, sports and more sports

20. The First Global Anti-Prohibition Day Below you find reports of which was held on Sunday June 15 1997 in Amsterdam, San Francisco, Norwich and Tallinn during the Summit of the European Union.

21. E-mail Groups on this Topic Check out what others say about this topic: eGroups has the best groups on the Net, on any topic, easy to browse, over 250,000. Browse the relevant ones or start your own - free!

22. Prohibition Knotwork: Resources Powered by Linux Prohibition Knotwork: Resources Members Only Carl E. Olsen's Marijuana Archive Canadian Media Awareness

21. Statement - Nine Reasons to Legalise Drugs But ... what do we mean by legalisation? Prohibition is by far the largest cause of crime. The economic damage caused by prohibition is enormous. The health problem which prohibition is supposed to solve is minor in comparison to other health problems such as alcohol and tobacco usage.

31. Prohibition In 1917 Congress passed the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution which prohibited the export, import, manufacture, sale and transportation of alcoholic beverages in the United States.

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1. 20th Century US History - Learn about major events in 20th Century United States history, such as Prohibition and the Great Depression.