Letter to Editor - On Removing Kilpatrick

From: lpletten <lpletten@tir.com>
To: Macomb Daily
Subject: letter to Editor - On Removing Kilpatrick
Date: Jul 31, 2008 1:20 PM

Dear Editor:

This is in support of your Thursday editorial on the Governor acting under the state
removal law, on removing Mayor Kilpatrick.  You concluded, "The sooner Kilpatrick
is removed from office the better."

You are correct. This is especially so as there can be no assurance of a "guilty"
verdict in Kilptartick's criminal trial(s).

Reason: Kilpatrick has already won a court analysis that his "behavior is totally

The legal meaning and import of this already-made judicial finding is that Kilpatrick
could thereby sustain an insanity defense!  Such a defense would follow Michigan
case law, e.g., when a person is unable “to appreciate the wrongfulness of his conduct,”
and “to conform his conduct to the requirements of the law.”—People v Matulonis,
115 Mich App 263; 320 NW2d 238 (1982). After all, his behavior has already been 
ruled to be "totally irrational"!

Removal under MI law is typically IF . . . IF . . . convicted. A 'not guilty
by reason of insanity' verdict is not a conviction, so Kilpatrick could thereby
remain in office notwithstanding an insanity finding.  Historically, others have!
Note references:

World Health Organization, “Wide research needed to solve the problems of mental
illness,” World Mental Health, Vol 12, pages 138-141 (WHO Press Release, October
1960) says that “people with psychopathic make-up often become leaders” / “les postes
de commandement sont souvent assumés par des personnes à tendances psychopathiques”

James Covington Coleman, Ph.D., in Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life, 5th ed (Scott,
Foresman & Co, 1976), p 10, summarizes the 1960 WHO data thus: “individuals 
with psychopathic personality makeup, who tend to exploit power for selfish purposes
and have little concern for ethical values or social progress, often become leaders.”

Robert Payne, The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler (New York: Praeger Pub, 1975), 
says at p xi, “The psychopath in a position of supreme power is almost a common-place.”

Kevin Barrett, Ph.D., in "Twilight of the Psychopaths" (11 June 2008),
says "Civilization, as we know it, is largely the creation of psychopaths.

When such  persons “ideation” is “concrete and impoverished,” showing "inability
to think on higher conceptual levels," such persons “do not respond to and 
are not motivated by normal stimuli” such as laws and rules, but instead they passively
behave “like cattle, sitting around until someone tells them what to do next,” says
Lyle Tussing, Ph.D., Psychology for Better Living, 5th edition (New York: John Wiley,
1959), pp. 361-2. 

So in short, your conclusion favoring the Governor to act, is essential, to avoid
the situation of Kilpatrick remaining in office on the technicality of "not
guilty by reason of insanity."


Leroy J. Pletten
8401 18 Mile Road #29
Sterling Hts MI 48313-3042