No-Smoking Resource Guide

Non-smoking Information and Organizations

  • Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights
  • Action on Smoking and Health (Ash)
  • Airspace
  • The BADvertising Institute (Doctored tobacco ads)
  • Infact

  • Koni's Anti-Tobacco Advertising Project (Magazines w/o tobacco ads)
    (Tobacco BBS list)
  • The Lesko Brothers - "Vending Machine Killers"
  • Princeton Accountability Project (second site)
  • Smoke Free Pittsburgh
  • Smoking & The Military (Coalition on Smoking OR Health - Position)

  • Smoke-Free Kids
  • Jack Cannon Tobacco Industry Information
  • Indiana Prevention Resource Center - Tobacco Information (Indiana University)
  • McSpotlight on the Tobacco Industry
  • Smoke-Screen (Letter-Writing)

  • National Clearinghouse on Tobacco and Health (Canada)
  • The Phoenix Institute
  • Tobacco Control Resource Center, Inc. & The Tobacco Products Liability Project
    (Northeastern University School of Law)
  • Tobacco On Trial - The Newsletter and E-zine of the Tobacco Control Movement
    (Northeastern University School of Law)
  • ACSH

  • National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids
  • American Lung Association - Tobacco Control
  • RI Tobacco Control Network
  • Scientific Panel Rejects Clinton Anti-Smoking Plan as Ineffectual
  • As Revelations, Lawsuits Mount Science Panel Predicts:
    'Free Ride' For Tobacco Companies Is Over

  • Children Opposed to Smoking Tobacco (COST)
  • Selected Articles about international tobacco advertising
  • Non Smokers' Movement of Australia
  • Put Smoking Out of Fashion
  • Dutch no-smoking lobby! (in English)

  • Entertaining Educational Programs
  • Smokefree Class
  • The National Association of Tobacco Addiction Counselors (NATAC)
  • Any Day Now (information on a real-life battle against workplace smoking)

  • Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids ad rejected from Chicago Tribune
  • Advertisement
  • Letter to Leo Burnett employees
  • Press Release
  • Letter to Tribune publisher

  • National Organization of People Attacking Tobacco Sales to Youth (NO PATSY)
  • Smoking Cessation Medical Information
  • Over 95,000 Urge Entertainment Industry to "Stop the Smoke Screenings" - Petition display held on Hollywood Boulevard on Great American Smokeout Day November 20 ('97)
  • One Legal Info National Tobacco Settlement (NTS) Web site
  • Breed's Tobacco Activism Guide

  • Smoke Free Stats - Freeware to help you quit smoking
  • Inside the Tobacco Deal (Frontline)
  • Death Playing Cards
  • Smokers' Advisory
  • Dr. Koop vs Tobacco

  • Captain Ribman with special guest star Omega Man, in Don't Smoke 'em If you Got 'em
  • Canadian Tobacco Companies: Crimes Against Humanity
  • get outraged