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1 The Causes of Tropical Deforestation by John Revington "Deforestation is the inevitable result of the current social and . . .

2 Issue Index (regarding tobacco industry position) pp.2-47 Cover sheet missing No reference ... No reference to document ownership handwritten in "from NY 1996" This document is believed to be a Philip Morris official-confidential publication for PM directors - a handbook, reference manual, guidebook etc. that was researched, written, edited, produced and published by Philip Morris Inc.

3 By Beauty Lupiya RIO DE JANEIRO (PANOS) - While environmentalists worry endlessly about the fate of Brazilian rainforests, thousands of acres of lush forests ...

4 Infomundi. Tobacco in the Developing World Tobacco in the Developing World Report of Infomundi, Documentation and Information Service about Developing Countries April 1996 The 'brown plague' is spreading to the South The World ...

5 ITGA Issues Papers No 5 Issues Papers Index; Home Page; DEFORESTATION AND THE USE OF WOOD FOR CURING TOBACCO Abstract: Wood is used for curing

6 economic TOBACCO AND THE ENVIRONMENT. Tobacco fields occupy 0.3% or 4.3 million hectares of the world's arable land. 69% of tobacco is grown in developing countries (ITGA).

7 Tobacco in the 3rd World Logo Tobacco in the 3rd World Centrefold in April-June 1990 Clarion The Non-Smokers' Movement

8 Erowid Library: 'The Emperor Wears No Clothes' by Jack Herer

9 ITGA Press Release: Use of wood in Malawi NEWS RELEASE - Issued by the Tobacco Association of Malawi. A wide range of independent reports from international organisations show that tobacco crops are not responsible for deforestation in Malawi, claims the president of the Tobacco Association of Malawi (TAMA), Dr Andrew Mzumacharo.

10 Press release archive Older press releases from the ITGA and from member organisations include: 28 May 1998: Growers slam tobacco prices as "damaging to economies" African tobacco growers condemn S.A. control bill

11 ECOL-ECON: nov98 : The case of Tobacco: GDP up, ISEW down. 24 November 1998 Here's something worth considering, I believe (see below copy of email from Much of it was new to me. Of course, tobacco is already ...

12 JACK HERER.COM Jack Herer's The Emperor Wears No Clothes, the authoritative historical record of cannabis and the conspiracy against marijuana and how hemp can save the world!

13 Trade and Environment Database (TED) - Africa Cases Trade and Environment Database (TED) - Africa Cases TED Home Page About TED Research Projects Sort Cases TED Cases

14 Projekt:H.Geist Paper presented at the Tobacco Deliberation Group Meeting, National Committe for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development, Utrecht, 29 October 1997

15 A San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory's Index Keywo... Click an index keyword to go to a list of the groups and events that are indexed under it Index Keywords For the groups and events in A San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory

16 Jean Carriere: Environmental expert - specialising in L witness statement | Summary | | Factsheet Excerpt | | Full Statement | | Supplementary Statement |

17 Tobacco Control Press Release 24/05/99 Monday 24 May 1999 An estimated 200,000 hectares of forest and woodland are removed by tobacco farming every year, finds research in Tobacco Control.

18 HaitianArts "They say that God created man and man created art, and the fact that Haiti has so much political problems; it's like art is a door way to a new life."

19 Global Tobacco Control WFPHA Position Paper With an estimated one-third of the world's population aged 15 and above smoking regularly, the negative health consequences of tobacco use are now reaching proportions of a devastating global ...

20 Jean Carriere Environment The Defence Environmental exp witness statement name: Jean Carriere section: Environment for: The Defence expertise: Environmental expert - spe

21 Tobacco Free Initiative: Why Focus on Tobacco

22 GORP - Oregon Caves National Monument 19000 Caves Highway Cave Junction, OR 97523 Oregon Caves may surprise you. Small in size, it is rich in diversity. That richness can be found both underground amidst narrow, winding passageways and above ground where old growth forest harbors a fantastic array of animals and plants found nowhere else.

23 E-Database of Social Studies, April, 1998 The National Student Research Center is dedicated to promoting student research and the use of the scientific method in all subject areas across the curriculum, especially science and math.

24 Malawi Economy Economy of Malawi Economy - overview: Landlocked Malawi ranks among the world's least developed countries. The economy is . . .

25 PAHO - Prevention and Control of Tobacco Use: Highlights and Events Leave the pack behind Policy Information Policy Brief - Nicotine Addiction and Smoking Cessation Technical Information Fact Sheet- Quitting Tobacco: A Focus on Youth and Pregnant Women

26 Untitled Sat, 20 Aug 1994 09:01:10 To: From: (John Choe, Tool of the Ruling Classes) Subject: GENDER BIAS CAUSES POVERTY, POPULATION GROWTH Dear Bad Subjects, Didnt get a chance to respond to the earlier (rather uninformed thread on population and economic development), so i forward the following article from the WorldWatch...

27 Tobacco: World Markets and Trade United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service Circular Series FT-2-97 February 1997 Tobacco: World Markets and Trade WORLD DEVELOPMENTS Highlights: Malawi's burley ...

28 ABC Country Book of Malawi - economy Flag, Map, Economy ABC logo . Index . Flag . Geography . People . Government . Economy . Transportation . Commun'tions . Defense . Feedback

29 Feature | Tobacco | Globalization THE GLOBAL POLITICS OF TOBACCOPanos Briefing Tobacco: The Smoke Blows South Do Something! Panos Media Briefing No. 13 September 1994 In the North, smoking is on the decline.

30 Cuba Location: Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, south of Florida Geographic coordinates: 21 30 N, 80 00 W Map references: Central America and the Caribbean

31 Dying to Quit - Preface Her seat back and tray table were in the upright position. Her seat belt was securely fastened. She couldn't leave her seat, couldn't even recline her seat. Couldn't smoke. As the plane taxied ...

32 ICRAF | Subhumid unimodal plateau of southern Africa Regional Programmes ICRAF Home Page Characteristics of ecoregion and main land-use systems Main constraints Opportunitie

33 Deforestation Jocelyn Stock Andy Rochen Environmental issues effect every life on this planet from the smallest parasite to the human race. The reason for this is simple.

34 Zambia Location: Southern Africa, east of Angola Geographic coordinates: 15 00 S, 30 00 E Map references: Africa Area—comparative: slightly larger than Texas

35 Structural Adjustment: Tanzania Structural Adjustment Geographic Area: Tanzania Focal Question: "Under what conditions will 'sensible' economic policies have unintended social, economic, and environmental consequences?" ...

36 17000 AGRICULTURE 17100 Agricultural practices Dry farming(12252) SN:A system of producing crops in arid and semi-arid

37 PAHO Press Release Health Ministers ask urgent steps to protect children from tobacco For further information contact: Daniel Epstein, tel (202) 974-3459, fax (202) 974-3143,Office of Public Information, PAHO.

38 Zimbabwe Location: Southern Africa, northeast of Botswana Geographic coordinates: 20 00 S, 30 00 E Map references: Africa Area—comparative: slightly larger than Montana

39 "RED", July 1997 - Woodfuel and Deforestation in Southern Africa - a misconceived association Energy accounts of most developing countries are dominated by wood biomass fuels. In 1992 nearly 70% of the final energy consumption in the Southern African Development ...