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Fr. Giuseppe De Rosa's
È Severamente Vietato Fumare
(Strictly, It is Prohibited to Smoke)
in IV Civilta Cattolica

(#3707) 491-500 (4 December 2004)

Tobaccoism, the poisoning produced from use of tobacco, constitutes one of the great problems of society, pursuant to the “dependency” and the damages thus caused. (See Italian original).

For background, see John Hooper,
Attack on Smoking Gets Papal Blessing
[of John Paul II] (The Guardian, 31 December 2004).

Fr. Giuseppe De Rosa's article, “È Severamente Vietato Fumare,”
is in vol. IV of the Civilta Cattolica (Issue #3707)
pages 491-500 (4 December 2004).

Tobacco Addiction
Religious Context