In Support of
The Michigan Interfaith Council on Alcohol Problems (MICAP)

The Michigan Interfaith Council on Alcohol Problems (MICAP) provides educational materials, a bi-monthly newsletter, and activities directed toward solving the alcohol problem. This includes but is not limited to action directed towards the links among alcoholism, smoking, and, for example, gambling.

MICAP provides information on alcohol's role in tragic results including but not limited to automobile accidents. MICAP supporters played an active role to secure legislation to ban tobacco billboards. That bill, signed into law in December 1998, was a win for Michigan and Michigan's children.

MICAP also provides a governmental directory, which is a guide to Michigan's state senators and representatives, to the Legislature's Committee structure, and to the state executive departments and their directors.

MICAP coordinates appropriate aspects of its activities with the American Alcohol and Drug Information Foundation (AADIF).

MICAP relies upon concerned citizens for donations for its support. MICAP can be contacted at

1120 East Oakland
P. O. Box 10212
Lansing MI 48901-0212
(517) 484-0016 / (800) 745-3334
Fax (517) 484-0444


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In an effort to aid MICAP in fighting the alcohol problem, TCPG has prepared sample letters for interested persons to review at its TCPG website devoted to alcohol prevention letter writing activity.

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