Quit Smoking for Good:
A Supportive Approach to Permanent Cessation

          Are you finally quitting smoking-again?

          Quitting cigarettes need no longer be something to be dreaded and feared with Quit Smoking for Good: A Supportive Approach to Permanent Cessation, a new way to quit which addresses tobacco addiction on the level it is entrenched in--the emotional level. Rather than dealing with smoking from a rational standpoint, the smoker is taught coping skills, problem-solving strategies and stress management techniques.

          The program is a result of author Andrea Baer's myriad attempts to end her 15-year, two-pack a day addiction. It is supplemented with the most powerful aids from over 50 other programs, results of interviews with ex-smokers, and studies on the psychology of addiction in general, to make it the most comprehensive assault on the habit. Chewers can use this method too.

          Will power not required!

          To check out the program, you can find excerpts and reviews on the publisher's web site, www.crossingpress.com. There are also 5-star reviews on www.amazon.com, and www.barnesandnoble.com.

          Baer is currently offering free email consultations with her program, tailored to your individual smoking style, so you can lose that nasty habit once and for all. Aspiring nonsmokers can write to her at abaer@hawaii.edu.

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