Senator Reed Smoot's
Tobacco Regulation Speech
in the U.S. Senate
10 June 1929

Congressional Record
71st Congress, 1st Session
pages 2586-2590
"Extension of Food and Drug Acts
to Tobacco and Tobacco Products"

For background, see e.g., Elizabeth Fee and Theodore M. Brown, "John Harvey Kellogg, M.D.: Health Reformer and Anti-Tobacco Crusader," Am. J. of Public Health, vol. 92 (#6) p 935 (June 2002). Dr. Kellogg was an early member of the Am. Pub. Health Ass'n; and it was his writing Tobaccoism, or How Tobacco Kills, that helped lead to the Senator's speech opposing, e.g., tobacco sales to children herein reprinted. Note the senator's concern about then "current campaign promoted by certain cigarette manufacturers to create a vast woman and child market." Tobacco pushers do indeed target children.

See also Prof. K. H. Ginzel, M.D., "Can Children Stop Big Tobacco" (18 November 2002).

For further background, see, e.g., the expert witness report by Prof. Robert N. Proctor, Ph.D., "Tobacco and Health," reprinted in J. of Philosophy, Science & Law, vol. 4 (March 2004).

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