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                    12 January 1999

Honorable John Engler
Governor of Michigan
State Capitol
P. O. Box 30013                                                       Re: State Police Action to Enforce
Lansing MI 48909                                                          MCL § 750.27, MSA § 28.216

Dear Gov. Engler:

Thank you for your e-mail reply, Enclosure 1, to my e-mail inquiry about House Bill 4343, the tobacco billboard ban, and especially, thank you for signing the bill.

          Your record of "bold steps to reduce tobacco usage in the State of Michigan" is commendable, as is your motivation, "to protect those most vulnerable from the influence of others." Thank you that "the curbing of smoking will continue to play a central role in [your] overall strategy to promote a healthier Michigan." On receipt of your e-mail message yesterday afternoon, I called and spoke to Stacy Watkins and expressed thanks verbally as well.

Your predecessor Fred M. Warner shared your concern about the dangers of cigarettes. As medical research shows, Enclosure 4, cigarettes are linked, inter alia, to alcoholism, drug abuse, promiscuity, abortion, AIDS, suicide, and crime. Cigarettes are a right to life issue as "smoking causes over 15,000 deaths in Michigan each year." Solution "demands a state-wide commitment to prevention."

Your predecessor Gov. Warner had the same commitment to state-wide action as you do. This is shown by MCL § 750.27, MSA § 28.216, adopted during his administration, which this letter requests that you have the State Police enforce.

"[T]he Michigan State Police are not aware of any particular reason why this specific law may not be routinely enforced . . . ," as James K. Haveman, Jr., Director, Community Health, says, Enclosure 3. You had asked him "to respond to [my] suggestion to begin enforcing the law [MCL § 750.27, MSA § 28.216] that prohibits the sale of adulterated cigarettes." Enclosure 2.

          Enforcement of the law on a state-wide basis will lead to more than better health; it will lead to reduction in drug abuse, promiscuity, AIDS, alcoholism, suicide, drunk driving, and crime, as the bibliography in the Narrative, Enclosure 4, shows. The State Police already act against other cigarette smuggling. We need to end the rest of the cigarette smuggling epidemic.

          Please task the State Police to enforce MCL § 27, MSA § 28.216.


                                                                                THE CRIME PREVENTION GROUP

                                                                                Leroy J. Pletten
                                                                                Leroy J. Pletten, Ph.D.

Enclosures (4)

1. Your 11 Jan 99 E-Mail Message
2. Support Letter, 9 Jul 97, from James Haveman, Director, Mich Dept of Com Health
3. Support Letter, 11 Sep 97, from James Haveman, Director, Mich Dept of Com Health
4. Narrative On MCL § 750.27, MSA § 28.216

Education on the Tobacco-Crime Link As Our Ancestors Knew It

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          To see Governor Engler's 22 Jan 1999 answer stating that he was referring the matter, as requested, to the Director of State Police, click here.

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