January 22, 1999


Mr. Leroy J. Pletten, Ph.D.
The Crime Prevention Group
8401 18 Mile Road #29
Sterling Heights MI 48313-3042

Dear Mr. Pletten Ph.D.:

           Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us. Your information and opinions help keep me informed on matters that are most important to the people of Michigan

           I have taken the liberty of forwarding your concerns to Col. Michael D. Robinson, Director of the Michigan Sate Police, for his review. Col. Robinson's office will contact you if he has any questions or needs further information.

           Again, thank you for contacting my office.

                                                            John Engler

                                                                            John Engler

* * * * * *

          The above letter was sent in reply to TCPG's 12 Jan 1999 letter asking for enforcement of Michigan's safe-cigarettes law, MCL § 750.27, MSA § 28.216. You may have heard of laws seeking "fire-safe" cigarettes, i.e., ingredients that do not cause house fires. Michigan's law provides for cigarettes to be ingredients-safe across-the-board, i.e., ingredients must not cause adverse health effects.

          To see the Director of Community Health July 1997 analysis of the ingredients-safe cigarette law, click here.  To see his September 1997 verification of the law, click here.

          For TCPG's analysis of the Michigan law, in essence, a smokers'/nonsmokers' rights law as it protects both groups -- an analysis that lists some examples of cigarettes' deleterious ingredients, emissions, and adulterants, and resultant adverse effects, click here.

          For pertinent legal terms and their definitions, click here.

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