Boycott Tobacco-Company Owned Products

Tobacco Companies may want to keep their affiliations secret. Otherwise the concerned public may boycott them.

Witness tobacco pusher lawsuits against people exposing them -- details at our media censorship site!

Pushers have a long record of suspect business practices, of endangering the public, and of large-scale killing.

Pusher concern about the public knowing their holdings does occur. The concerned public might boycott :).

Let's review pusher secrets. Let's start with these examples. Below is a list of some holdings owned by Philip Morris as of June, 2001, as per its Year 2001 Annual Report:

Capri Sun Country Time Crystal Light Kool-Aid Tang

General Foods International Coffees
Gevalia Maxim Maxwell House
Sanka Starbucks Yuban

Baker’s Balance Bar Calumet Certo Cool Whip Dream Whip
Ever-Fresh Handi-Snack Jell-O Knox Minute Sure-Jell

Alpha Bits Banana Nut Crunch Blueberry Morning
Cranberry Almond Crunch Cream of Rice Fruit and Fibre
Golden Crisp Grape Nuts Great Grains
Honey Bunches of Oats Honeycomb Oreo-O’s
Pebbles Raisin Bran Shredded Wheat
Toasties Waffle Crisp

Biscuits, Snacks and Confectionary
Better Cheddars Cheese Nips Chips Ahoy Handi-Snacks
Honey Maid Newtons Nilla Nutter Butter
Oreo Premium crackers Ritz crackers Snackwells
Stella D’ Oro Teddy Grahams Triscuit Wheat Thins

Cornnuts Planter’s Nuts

Pet Snacks
Milk Bone

Altoids Callard and Bowser Crème Savers
Farley’s Gummi Savers Jet-Puffed
LifeSavers Milk Lil Scoops Now and Later
Salher’s Teny’s Tobler
Toblerone chocolates Trolli

Cheese, Meals and Enhancers
Athenos Cheez Whiz Churny
Cracker Barrel Deli Deluxe DiGiorno Pizza
Easy Cheese Hoffman’s Kraft
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Polly-O Velveeta

Dairy Products
Breakstone’s Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese
Breyer’s Yogurt
Knudsen sour cream, cottage cheese
Light ‘N’ Lively lowfat cottage cheese, yogurt

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and other dinners
Minute Rice Stove Top stuffing Taco Bell
Velveeta shells and cheese

Bull’s Eye Steak Sauce
Good Seasons Salad Dressings
Grey Poupon Mustard
Kraft Barbeque Sauce, Mayonnaise, Salad Dressings
Miracle Whip Oven Fry Sauceworks
Seven Seas Shake ‘N’ Bake Kraft Ketchup
Kraft Peanut Butter Kraft Pourables Magic Moments

Related Items
Oscar Meyer and Pizza Meats Louis Rich
Louis Rich Carbin Board Lunchables
Oscar Meyer

Meat Alternatives
Boca Burger

Pickles & Sauerkraut

California Pizza Kitchen DiGiorno Jack’s Tombstone

Miller Lite Miller Genuine Draft Miller Genuine Draft Lite
Miller High Life Miller High Life Light Milwaukee’s Best
Milwaukee’s Best Light Southpaw Light LeinenKugel’s
Henry Reinhardt’s Henry’s Hard Lemonade Hamm’s
Mickey’s Olde English 800 Magnum
Presidente Sharp’s Non-alcohol brew and about 40 more brands of beer around the world.

Here is background, letting you know what tobacco pushers don't want you to know. On Thursday, November 15, 2001 Philip Morris Companies, Inc. issued a press release saying the company intends to ask its shareholders to approve a change of the company's name to Altria Group, Inc. Philip Morris Companies operates Miller Brewing, Kraft and other well-known food subsidiaries in addition to manufacturing cigarettes. PM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Geoffrey C. Bible said he proposed the name change for two reasons. One is "a need for clarity," and the other reason was "the evolution of Philip Morris Companies Inc."

PM's internal documents, however, reveal very different (and far more specific) reasons that the company is seeking to change its name.

The following corporate marketing strategy document was written for Philip Morris (PM) in December, 1993 by an "identity consultant" as part of PM's "Identity Development Program." It shows that PM was attempting to escape the stigma of selling tobacco products by attempting to "re-position" its image in consumers' minds.

The document concludes that the key to escaping the damaging association with tobacco is changing the name of the company.

Among the problems caused by PM's close identification cigarettes were the following:

a. "As awareness of tobacco issues increase, Philip Morris increasingly reacts/defends."

b. "As 'tobacco' image of Philip Morris increases, market value of Philip Morris decreases."

The document also describes PM's "Future Business Focus" as "Away from declining, high risk, tobacco business" and towards the image of a "premier brand management company."

According to the plan, the re-positioned company should be "Not tobacco related" and have "no negative connotations."

Interestingly, the first "target audience" listed for this corporate "re-positioning" is employees, indicating that PM's employee morale suffers from the shame of working for PM.

Mr. Bible's 11/15/01 press release says the proposal to change the company's identity:

"...comes two years after a successful effort to improve the image of the Philip Morris family of companies. Research indicates that the companies are viewed as changing for the better and becoming a more responsible corporate citizen, among other indicators of favorable public opinion." --

Here is a question for you: If the media campaign to improve Philip Morris' corporate image was so successful that people now hold Philip Morris in high regard, then why change the company's name to some heretofore unknown moniker?

Document Data
COMPANY: Philip Morris Cos., Inc.
Type: Speech, Presentation, Market Research Report
Author: Landor Associates (corporate author)
Recipient: N/A (Presentation for a group)
Subject (Thesaurus Terms): Corporate Marketing Strategies
Region: United States; Global
Document date: 19931200
Site: Tobacco Documents Online
Bates No.:2023437377/7409
Non-Bates ID# (Trial Exhibit Number, etc.): 2023437377/7409
URL on the Philip Morris site:

Notes: All 33 pages of this document need to be rotated 90 degrees right for viewing. The document is most easily viewed on Tobacco Documents Online (TDO) since it facilitates easy rotation of all pages at once. The Philip Morris site will only allow users to rotate one page at a time.


LANDOR ASSOCIATES -- Identity Consultants and Designers Worldwide

Philip Morris Identity Development Program December 1993


a.. Background and situation
b.. Positioning and Image
c.. Communication objectives and criteria
d.. Naming development
e.. Naming availability searches -- U.S. and International
f.. Recommendation


a. Philip Morris has elected to adopt a new corporate name and image in order to launch a positive repositioning campaign -to "world's best brands"

b. Current image of company is that of a tobacco-based company, little awareness of other brands owned by the holding company.

c. As awareness of tobacco issues increase, Philip Morris increasingly reacts/defends.

d. As "tobacco" image of Philip Morris increases, market value to Philip Morris decreases.


a. Philip Morris
b. Kraft
c. General Foods
d. Oscar Mayer Foods
e. Miller
f. Jacobs Souchard


a. Away from declining, high risk tobacco business towards world's best brands and premier brand management company.

b. International opportunities

c. Creation of "world's best brands"


a. Due to changing attitudes and regulations regarding tobacco products major competitors have diversified; attempted to position themselves as holding companies with a focus on non-tobacco consumer brands companies.

b. Tobacco industry performance is expected to continue to decline over next five years.

c. Food business is not the staple it used to be; consumers have changed shopping habits.


a. RJR Nabisco
b. Procter & Gamble
c. General Mills
d. American Brands
e. Unilever
f. Other food, beer and tobacco companies


a. Employees
b. Opinion Leaders
c. Media
d. Analysts
e. Business Community
f. Public/Consumers


"Philip Morris is a collection of the world's best brands, and the premier brand management company in the world..."


a. Strong, stable
b. Leader in global consumer packaged goods brands
c. Premier


a. Stature, strength
b. Superior quality: "World's best brands"
c. Prestige


a. Flexible, able to accommodate future expansion/growth
b. Broad enough to speak to diverse audiences
c. Differentiate from competition
d. Work internationally
e. Explore both real and coined names
f. Not tobacco related
g. No negative connotations

Naming Candidates
Accordia AlphaBrands AltaBrands Altamark
Alterra Arcadian Asset Brands Atlas
Benchmark Benecor Benemark Benetor
BrandMark Brandwell Brandworth Caliber
Capital Brands Centuria Centurium Century
Champion Chancellor CharterBrands Compass
Concord Concordia Constellation Corebrand
Criterion Crown Cygnet Daystar
Emblem Brands Equitas Equity Brands Exemplar Brands
Flagship Brands Fortis Geobrand Gold Crest
Heritage Brands Imark Innova InterMark
Integral KM Morris Landmark Magna Brands
Magnus Materworks Meridia Meridian
Meritor Metabrand Mor-Kraft Miller Morning Star
Morris Miller & Kraft Mosiac Multis Omnia
OmniBrands OmniMark Ommnium Opus
Orbis Pantheon Paragon Paramount
Pinnacle Platinum Brands PM Bellwether Brands PM Global Brands

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