Insanity for All, The Plutocrats' Greatest Secret Weapon,
Or: How to Fool All Of The Fools All Of The Time

By Jacques Hardy

What is insanity?   You might think an insane person is one who is found locked up in an asylum. That is logical enough. But many of those who are judged insane are labeled that way for a variety of reasons -- and maintained in a drugged and progressively drug-induced and brain-damaging condition inside (or outside) hospitals because their family -- usually for financial reasons - has found it convenient to keep them out of the way.

Some were deemed to be politically "incorrect", knew something they were not supposed to know and were therefore judged to be a threat to some Principality or Power. This is certainly true in a number of countries including, especially, the phony "democratic" countries such as the US and UK.

In such cases, these unfortunate people are kept in a hospital, want to get out but can't. And if they protest too vigorously, the drug dosage is increased. In a few cases, they are "suicided" or otherwise "disappeared". Incidentally, it is no coincidence that the number of "suicides" has increased so dramatically in the increasingly politically repressive United States. The repressive ruling classes want to protect their unpopular dictatorship that assures them such huge profits.

Observe:   the puppets who seem to be in "power" and their puppeteers who are doing the decision-making represent -- or actually are -- the wealthy few.   Just have a close look at virtually all of the US Senatorial or presidential candidates over the past few decades.

As is known, the plutocracy controls the government of countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and others. The United States is the best example because the US is both the centre of evil, the centre of plutocratic power, and the organizer of multiple forms of terrorism the world over. Normally, all this should be impossible because the citizens would not allow it, but the plutocrats succeeded long ago in solving this problem and, over time, have refined it into a fine, albeit diabolical art.

It should be understood that the plutocracy would never have been able to seize and hold power for so long and in so many countries if they had not had a secret, fail-safe, fool-proof, nearly perfected program.  They discovered it by simply studying world history and applying the lessons learned. They understood that in order to not just "fool some of the people some of the time" they could "fool all the fools all the time" if they could start with real fools at the beginning!

In order to achieve this, they started with the children who were systematically mis-educated, their critical thinking skills starved and their bodies and brains malnourished by toxic junk food, so that when the children finished their schooling, they had become 100% morons, had learned nothing of real value, not even their 3 R's -- and mis-learned history to boot.

But even that was not enough for the ruling classes. In order to make sure people were sufficiently mentally impaired so as to be incapable of any useful thinking or organized resistance, other means were used, including easy access to legal and illegal drugs, exposure to the highly addicting media violence and age inappropriate sex. Other dependency-inducing realities such as caffeine, artificial sweeteners, natural sugar-candy, videogames, sports and MTV were offered in unlimited quantities. These adrenalin-rush realities were secretly encouraged everywhere, not only in the US, but everywhere in the world where the US was in control. Everywhere, the result was the same: mentally-impaired, conscienceless, emotionally-blunted, malnourished, brainwashed morons, ready to believe anything they saw on television or read in the newspapers.   A perfect set-up!

However, due to genetic variability, a loving upbringing, healthy food, the development of critical thinking skills or other positive environmental factors, not everybody responded "appropriately" to this mis-education agenda. Some insisted on thinking their own thoughts. Horrors, but not to worry! That was taken care of also.

Indeed, there were still three options for the remaining free-thinkers:
(1) If they talked, they were disbelieved because they were only a minority; and as everyone knows, the majority is always right!

(2) If they kept insisting on expressing their strange ideas, they were judged to be insane and locked up in a secure asylum. 

(3) If they still continued to talk too convincingly and too cleverly, they were then simply drugged into oblivion or otherwise "disappeared" or "suicided".
So far, so good, but, since there was still the opportunity for these zombified individuals to talk and vote, how could their freedom of speech and voting be controlled?  That was simple enough, for the plutocracy owns the media the world over.  So, it was the job and mission of their television and newspaper minions to keep their ignorant, naive listeners and readers   in their state of perfect stupidity - and they did a cunning job of that too.

    However for complete psychological control of the masses of certified fools, the plutocracy also needed to control the government.  How was this done?
(1) They rigged or manipulated elections . . . and the fools who voted didn't even care to stop it.

(2) They saw to it, by hook or by crook, that their "candidates" won.

(3) And if the preferred candidates were mentally or ethically deficient, suffered from delusions of grandeur and/or had an over-inflated ego, fake election campaigns were orchestrated with the help of a censored, controlled media, fake press conferences and serial lying on television.

(4) All "candidates" were coached and knew that either he or she followed plutocratic orders or else they were threatened with a John F. Kennedy-type "final solution".

(5) Once "selected", the new president was continually reminded that as long as he followed orders, he would become wealthy, or else he would have a big funeral!
   And, when the game was over and the president was finally disposed of, he was celebrated by the media as "a great president" and admired and loved by the 300 million American sheep/ostriches (aka "patriotic fools of America").

    Here is a summary of the way it has worked in the past and still works, as we speak:

The plutocrats are extremely clever people with immense -- often secret -- power and wealth. They are ruthless exploiters but are ethical infants with no true compassion. Indeed, they manipulate their subjects and slaves so successfully that they are usually irrationally regarded as celebrities and also respected as honorable public servants and virtual saints -- all, of course, patriotic hogwash.

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