Welcome to the book Facts about Tobacco, 3d ed, by Edward P. Thwing (1879).
Tobacco pushers and their accessories conceal the breadth of tobacco effects, the enormity of the tobacco holocaust, and the long record of documentation.
The concealment process is called the "tobacco taboo." Other pertinent words are "censorship" and "disinformation."
Here is the text by Edward P. Thwing (1830-1893) of an early exposé (1879) of tobacco dangers. It cites facts you don't normally ever see, due to the "tobacco taboo."
The phrase "tobacco taboo" is the term for the pro-tobacco censorship policy—to not report most facts about tobacco.
As you will see, information about the tobacco danger was already being circulated in 1879, 85 years before the famous 1964 Surgeon General Report. Be prepared.

Facts about Tobacco, 3d ed
by Edward Payson Thwing
(New York: Barnes Pub, 1879)

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