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Minimum Wage Support Grows (10 June 2014)
"Ten Books To Provoke Conversation in the New Year" (1 January 2014)
"America Paul Ryan’s Vicious Budget: Right In Your Face, America" (17 August 2012) ("since his youth [Paul Rand] has been a disciple of the militant atheist Ayn Rand who despised altruism and “love thy neighbor” values while edifying extreme selfishness and greed.")
"Can Democrats Landslide Republicans?" (7 Feb 2012, citing eight populist actions)
The Good Fight (Regan Books, 2004)
No Contest: Corporate Lawyers and the Perversion of Justice in America (with Wesley J. Smith)
"Health Care Hypocrisy" (25 July 2009)
Interview (June 2008)
What Nader Would Do His First 100 Days in Office
On Debates As Helping Third Party Candidates Win
"Capitol Letter: Nader Was Right: The Democrats Didn't Need His Help to Lose the Election.
Kerry's Failure to Address Gay Marriage Was A Fatal Mistake
," by Eleanor Clift (Newsweek, 5 November 2004)
"'I Have a Very Deep Well of Empathy'," by Howard Fineman (Newsweek, 24 March 2008), p 52
You've done more than one life's worth of work. Why go do this at this point?

Well, you're asking a personal question. So I will give you an unusual personal answer. I have a very deep well of empathy, and I take my motivation from what I see around the country. And I'll give it to you just briefly, statistically: 47 million people who make less than $10.50 an hour—six and a half, seven, eight dollars an hour before deductions; 45 million people without health care, 18,000 of whom die every year, according to the National Academy of Sciences, because they can't afford health care; 13 million children who go to bed hungry every night; 45 million people in dire poverty; 58,000 people who die from workplace-connected diseases and trauma every year, according to [the Occupational Safety and Health Administration]; 65,000 people who can't breathe, and die because of air pollution. I mean, do I have to go on? I mean, just what more evidence is needed that each and every one of us who has an ability to improve his or her country has got to do what they have to do within the confines of the Constitution and rule of law and freedom of speech?

Nader for President Website
"CNN Poll: Nader Garners 6 Percent of Vote" (2 July 2008)
"Nader's Traitors," by Gabriel Sherman (The New Republic, 7 May 2008)
George Seldes, Witness to a Century (New York: Ballantine Books, 1987), Chapter 62, pp 459-462
George Monbiot, "The Tea Party Movement: Deluded and Inspired by Billionaires: By funding numerous rightwing organisations, the mega-rich Koch brothers have duped millions into supporting big business" (The Guardian/UK, Monday, 25 October 2010) ("An Astroturf campaign is a fake grassroots movement: it purports to be a spontaneous uprising of concerned citizens, but in reality it is founded and funded by elite interests. Some Astroturf campaigns have no grassroots component at all. Others catalyse and direct real mobilisations. The Tea Party belongs in the second category. It is mostly composed of passionate, well-meaning people who think they are fighting elite power, unaware that they have been organised by the very interests they believe they are confronting. We now have powerful evidence that the movement was established and has been guided with the help of money from billionaires and big business.")
Ralph Nader, "United States Congress: A Graveyard for Democracy and Justice" (Thursday, 19 January 2012) ("Will someone call a psychiatrist? This is a Congress that is beyond dysfunctional.")

Interview: Be prepared to be disappointed with Obama
Cindy Sheehan and Cynthia McKinney Saying Likewise
"Bush's Third Term? You're Living It"
On Then-Senator Barack Obama
War Crimes Must Be Disavowed by Obama to Avoid Accessory Status
"Bailout Indignation: How about a test of your injustice barometer?"

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See also “Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition,”
by John T. Jost, Jack Glaser, Arie W. Kruglanski, Frank J. Sulloway,
129 Psychological Bulletin (#2) 339-375 (July 2003),
on psychiatric symptoms among conservatives.