Office of Federal Operations
P. O. Box 19848
Washington, D.C. 20036

Leroy J. Pletten,
          v.                                                                               Docket No. 05980560
                                                                                            Tracking No. 06A00812

Louis Caldera, Secretary of the Army,                                          27 May 2000


          Petitioner Leroy J. Pletten hereby petitions for enforcement.

          1. EEOC issued a decision in this case. Ex parte, the agency has apparently filed input. No copy has been provided to me.

          2. Nobody from the agency contacted me in any way in reaction to the EEOC decision at issue. The agency has a pattern of not contacting me, not letting me have normal EEO review such as others receive.

          3. The filing and acceptance of ex parte input violates EEOC Management Directive guidelines, and basic American notions of due process and fair play. The presumption is that the agency has not complied, has something to hide, thus fears to let me see what it has filed, lest I file a rebuttal that will persuade EEOC that compliance has not occurred.

          4. When EEOC receives ex parte input, it should serve a copy on the opposing side. And advise the sender, it is rejecting the material out of hand for non-service. As Owen Harling failed to do this, please take this action.

          5. Wherefore EEOC should order enforcement, strike whatever it was that the agency filed, and provide me a copy immediately, so that I can begin a reply.

                                                                                 Leroy J. Pletten
                                                                                 Leroy J. Pletten
                                                                                 8401 18 Mile Road #29
                                                                                 Sterling Heights MI 48313-3042
Copy furnished: Agency

Other Materials in Case File

Appellant's 19 Nov 1976 Appointment
as Crime Prevention Officer

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To Get Review to Begin
The 3 Nov 1992 Attempt
To Get Review to Begin

The 28 May 1993 Attempt To Get Review to Begin
Citing Violation of Due Process: NO NOTICE OF CHARGES

The 17 Apr 1996 Attempt To Get Review to Begin After
Being Obstructed 1991-1996: Citing Legal Principles With
Respect To Some of The Crimes Being Aided and Abetted

The 19 Apr 1996 List Of Rules of Professional Practice
for Attorneys Being Violated And Attempting To Get
Review To Begin After Being Obstructed 1991-1996

The 6 March 1998 Correspondence
Citing Starr's Apparent Coverup
of Falsehood In Another Case and
My Attempting to Get Review
To Begin After Being Obstructed 1991-1998

The 25 August 1998 Correspondence Citing a
Published Analysis of Starr's Apparent Sexual Fantasies
and Again Attempting to Get Review to Begin After
Being Obstructed 1991-1998, Correspondence
That Combined With This Material Inspired the Agency
to Sudddenly Fight Harder to Prevent Review
as It Clearly Must Be Striking Close to The Truth

The 15 Sep 1998 Petition for An EEOC Order Directing
Review Pursuant to the 1991 Agency Settlement To Do So

The 20 April 1999 Brief On Merits Pursuant
To Agency Refusal to Allow Review on Merits

The Website Promoting Justice For This Situation

A Private Citizen's Analysis of Kenneth W. Starr

         While decision is pending on whether to even allow review on the merits to begin, the petitioner will continue to post additional materials from the case file, including issues on the merits, as able.

         Your assistance is requested. Please write to the President asking him to order a genuine investigation, and when he verifies that no notice of charges was issued me (unlike what is provided to others accused of genuine wrongdoing), to reinstate me.


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