Welcome to this list of early anti-tobacco writings, early exposés of the dangers of tobacco, facts you don't normally find in the mass media, due to the tobacco taboo.
Tobacco pushers and their accessories conceal the breadth of tobacco effects, the enormity of the tobacco holocaust, and the long record of documentation.
The concealment process is called the "tobacco taboo." Other pertinent words are "censorship" and "disinformation."
The phrase "tobacco taboo" is the term for the pro-tobacco censorship policy—to not report most facts about tobacco.
As you will see, information about the tobacco danger was already being circulated centuries before the famous 1964 Surgeon General Report. Be prepared.

Book List

Tabacco, Anthony Chute (d. 1595) (London: William Barlow) alibris $54

The Metamorphosis of Tabacco, by Sir John Beaumont (1583-1627) (London: Iohn Flasket, 1602)

Work for Chimny-sweepers, or, A warning for Tabacconists Describing the Pernicious Vse of Tabacco, No Lesse Pleasant Then Profitable for All Sorts to Reade, by Thomas Bushell (London: T. Este, 1602)

A Counterblaste to Tobacco, by James Stuart (London: R. Barker, 1604)

Tabakologia; sive, De Tabaco Dissertatio ..., by Johann Arnold Friderici (1637-1672) and Adam Hahn (Jenae: Literis Wertherianis, 1667)

Commentarius de abusu tabaci Americanorum veteri, et herbae thee Asiaticorum in Europa novo, by Dr. Simon Paulli (1603-1680) (Argentorati: Sumptibus, 1665) Commentarius de abusu tabaci Americanorum veteri: et herbae thee Asiaticorum in Europa novo, quae ipsissima est Chamaeleagnos Dodonaei, 2nd ed, by Dr. Simon Paulli (1603-1680) (Argentorati: Sumptibus B, 1681) translated and included in A treatise on tobacco, tea, coffee, and chocolate in which the advantages and disadvantages attending the use of these commodities, are not only impartially considered (London: T. Osborne, 1746)

Quaestio Medica ... An ex Tabaci Usu Frequenti Vitae Summa Brevior?, by Dr. Guy Crescent Fagon (1638-1718) and Claude Berger (1679-1712) (Parisiis: Apud Franciscum Muguet, 1699) alibris other

La Tabaccheide, by Girolamo Baruffaldi (1675-1755) (Ferrara: Per gli eredi di B. Pomatelli, 1714) alibris $400

Dissertation sur le Tabac: et sur ses Bons & Mauvais Effets, by Pierre-Joseph Buc'hoz (1731-1807) (Paris: F. J. Desoer, 1787) alibris other

A Dissertation on the Use and Abuse of Tobacco Wherein the Advantages and Disadvantages Attending the Consumption of that Entertaining Weed are Particularly Considered: Humbly Addressed to all the Tobacco-Consumers in Great Britain and Ireland, But Especially to Those Among Religious People, by Adam Clarke (London: G. Whitfield, 1797) alibris $249

Propriétés du Tabac Analyse de la Poudrette; Théorie de la Vitrification, by Balthazar Georges Sage (1740-1824) (Paris: de l'Imprimerie de P. Didot, 1821) alibris other

Tobacco by George Morton (1822)

Cautions to Young Persons Concerning Health: in a Public Lecture Delivered at the Close of the Medical Course in the Chapel at Cambridge, November 20, 1804, Containing the General Doctrine of Dyspepsia and Chronic Diseases, Shewing the Evil Tendency of the Use of Tobacco, by Benjamin Waterhouse (1754-1846) (Cambridge: University Press by Hilliard & Metcalf, 1822) alibris correspondence

An Affectionate and Earnest Address to Christians in General on the Importance of Self-denial in the Common Use of Tobacco in Any Form: and in Special Application to Missionary Purposes, by Richard Tabraham (1792-1878) (Aberdeen: D. Chalmers & Co., 1823) alibris other

A Dissertation on the Medical Properties and Injurious Effects of the Habitual Use of Tobacco, by A. McAllister (Utica, NY: William Williams, 1830)

A Dissertation on the Medical Properties and Injurious Effects of the Habitual Use of Tobacco Read, According to Appointment, Before the Medical Society of the County of Oneida, at Their Semi-annual Meeting, January 5, 1830, by A. McAllister (Boston: Peirce & Parker; New York: H.C. Sleight, 1832)

A Disquisition on the Evils of Using Tobacco and the Necessity of Immediate and Entire Reformation, by Orin S. Fowler (1791-1852) (Providence: S. R. Weeden, 1833; reprinted Boston: Geo. Gregory, 1842)

"Tobacco", by Reuben D. Mussey (1780-1866) In: The Boston Observer and Religious Intelligencer. Boston. v. 1, no. 25 (1835) p. 200 alibris $115

An Essay on Tobacco: History of the Plant, by J. S. Rogers (New York: 1836)

De l'Action du Tabac sur la Santé et de son Influence sur le Moral et l'Intelligence de l'Homme, by Bertrand Boussiron (Paris: B. Dusillion, 1844)

De l'Action du Tabac sur la Santé et de son Influence sur le Moral et l'Intelligence de l'Homme, by Bertrand Boussiron (Paris: B. Dussillion, 1845 and Turin: Libraries de la Minerve Subalpine, 1845)

Dell' Azione del Tabacco sulla Salute e della sua Influenza sul Morale e sull Intelligenza dell Uomo: Prima Versione Italiana sulla Quarta Edizione Francese, by Bertrand Boussiron (Livorno: Stamperia Artisit Tipografi, 1845) alibris $125

Tobacco: Miscellaneous Pamphlets [S.l.: s.n., 1850)

Sir Benjamin C. Brodie, Bart., F.R.S., on Tobacco, by Sir Benjamin C. Brodie, 1st Bart. (1783-1862). (Manchester: Anti-Narcotic League, ?1800 1899)

Mr. William Howitt on Tobacco, by William Howitt (1792-1879) (Manchester: Anti-Narcotic League, ?1800 1899) albris other

Mr. Campbell Foster, Q.C., on Tobacco, by Campbell Foster (Manchester: Anti-Narcotic League, ? 1800 1899)

Tobacco: The Effects of its Use as a Luxury on the Physical and the Moral Nature of Man: A Prize Essay, by Elisha Harris (1824-1884) (New York: Wm. Harned, 1853) alibris

An Essay on the Physical and Moral Effects of the Use of Tobacco as a Luxury, by A. H. Grimshaw (New York, 1853)

Tobacco, by Edwin R. Chase (1854)

Tobacco: Its History, Nature, and Effects. With Facts and Figures for Tobacco-Users, by Russell Thacher Trall (1812-1877) (New York, Fowlers and Wells, 1855) alibris other

Tobacco (New York: Printed for the Author, 1859)

Tobacco: Its Influences, Physical, Moral, and Religious, by Rev. Francis Close (1797-1882) (London: Hatchard, 1859) alibris sermons

The Use and Abuse of Tobacco, by Sir Benjamin Brodie (1783-1862) [London?: s.n., 1860) alibris other

Recherches Physiologiques et Cliniques sur la Nicotine et le Tabac; Précédées d'une Introduction sur la Méthode Expérimentale en Thérapeutique, by Antoine Blatin (Paris: Germer-Baillière, 1870)

Tobacco (London?: J. Cox?, 1861)

Tobacco; What It Is, and What It Does, by Dan King (1791-1864) (New York, S.S. & W. Wood, 1861)

Smoking, or, no smoking? That's the question: hear the late Sir Benjamin C. Brodie, Bart. ... with critical observations, by "scrutator," [sic] and extracts from an occasional paper of the British Anti-Tobacco Society, by James Copland (1791-1870) et al (London: F. Pitman, ? 1800 1899) alibris other

Tobacco, by Alfred Swaine Taylor (1806-1880) (Philadelphia: H.C. Lea, 1866) In: Manual of medical jurisprudence (1866), p. 181-182 alibris

Tobacco: Its Use and Abuse, by Louis Silberberg (London: The Habana Cigar Co., 1863)

Tobacco, by William N. Whiteside (1863) L'Alimentation Par la Viande de Cheval, by Emile François Decroix (1821-) (Paris, Asselin, 1864)

Tobacco and its Effect upon the Health and Character of Those Who Use It by James Caleb Jackson, MD, 1811-1895 (Dansville, N.Y.: Austin, Jackson & Co., 1868)

Tobacco, by Rodney T. Trimble (1868)

Tobacco: its Effects on the Human System, by Edward F. Quinlan (1868)

L'Ami de la Maison: Entretiens sur l'Hygiène: Les Dangers du Tabac: Fondation d'une Association Française Contre l'Abus du Tabac, by Emile François Decroix (1821-) (Bruxelles: Charles Lelong, 1868)

Tobacco: [leading article]. 1870 In: British medical journal. 1870, v. 1, (Mar. 12)

The Tobacco Question: Physiologically, Chemically, Botanically, and Statistically Considered, by William Edward Armytage Axon (1846-1913) (Dublin Univ. Mag; Manchester, England: J. Heywood, Sep 1871) alibris other

Tobacco: An Essay. by Henry Gibbons, Sr., M.D. (1808-1884) (London: S.W. Partridge & Co., 1873) alibris bio

Revelations about Tobacco: A Prize Essay on the History of Tobacco, and its Physical Action on the Human Body, Through its Various Modes of Employment, by Hampton Brewer, et al (London: F. Pitman, 1875)

Tobacco; Its Use and Abuse, by Louis Silberberg (London: The Habana Cigar Co., 1875)

Physiologie Sociale. Le Tabac, Qui Contient le Plus Violent des Poisons, la Nicotine; Abrége-t-il l'Existence? Est-il Cause de la Dégénérescence Physique et Morale des Sociétés Modernes?, by Dr. Hippolyte Adéon Dépierris (1806-1889) (Paris: Dentu, 1876)

De l'Usage du Table dans l'Armée. Les Militaires Fumeurs Font-ils un Meilleur Service Que les Militaires Non-fumeurs?, by Emile François Decroix (1821-) (Paris, Société contre l'abus du tabac, 1878 )

Tobacco: [a miscellaneous collection of pamphlets and reprints of articles from periodicals] (England?: s.n., 1878 1879)

La Vérité sur le Tabac, le Plus Violent des Poisons, la Nicotine: Résumé de la Physiologie Sociale du Dr. H.A. Depierris: Le Tabac Abrége-t-il l'Existence? Est-il Cause de la Dégénérescence Physique et Morale des Sociétés Modernes?, by Dr. Hippolyte Adéon Dépierris (1806-1889) (Paris: E. Dentu & J. Baillière, 1880)

Begin Right, by Julia Colman (1828-1909) (New York: National Temperance Society and Publication House, 1880 1889) alibris other

Tobacco: An Essay, by Henry Gibbons, Sr. M.D., Prof. of Medicine (1808-1884) (London: James Burns, 1880 1889) alibris bio

La Tabac et la Famille: Il Cause la Rareté et la Sterilité des mariages, la Débilité Native et la Mortalité des Enfants, la Dépopulation des Pays, by Dr. Hippolyte Adéon Dépierris (1806-1889) (Paris: E. Dentu, 1881)

La Tabac et la Famille: Il Cause la Rareté et la Stérilite des Mariages, la Débilité Native et la Mortalité des Enfants, la Dépopulation des Pays, by Dr. Hippolyte Adéon Dépierris (1806-1889) (Paris: E. Dentu, 1881)

Truth on Tobacco; Its History and its Effects. Extract from Dr. Depierris' Social Physiology, Paris, 1876, by Dr. Hippolyte Adéon Dépierris (1806-1889) (San Francisco: A.L. Bancroft & Co., 1881)

Tobacco. Letters to a Young Man, by James Brainard Taylor Marsh (1839-1887) (Boston, 1881)

A Practical Treatise on Materia Medica and Therapeutics. Tobacco, by Bartholow Roberts (1831-1904) (New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1881)

La Prise de Tabac: Son Origine et ses Effets: Extrait de la Physiologie Sociale, by Dr. Hippolyte Adéon Dépierris (1806-1889) (Paris: E. Dentu, 1882)

Tobacco. 1865-1884 Corp, by Allison & Addison (Richmond, Va.) (Richmond: Allison & Addison, 1884)

Recherches Expérimentales Sur la Viande de Cheval et Sur les Viandes Insalubres au Point de Vue de l'Alimentation Publique, by Emile François Decroix (1821-) (Paris, 1885)

Effects du Tabac sur l'Intelligence, by A. Rouillard (Paris: 1886)

Die Belastung des Tabaks in den europäischen Staaten und in den staatlich geordneten Ländern der übrigen Erdtheile, by Gustav Lewinstein (Berlin, 1894)

Tobacco: Some Results Which Follow Its Use, by W. W. McElhinney (Seattle: Calvert Co., 1897)

Der Tabakkonsum in den einzelnen Staaten der Erde und die Einnahmen der Staaten aus dem Tabak, by Gustav Lewinstein (Berlin: Wolf Peiser, 1897)

Die deutsche tabak-industrie; eine skizze ihrer entwickelung und ihrer wirthschaftlichen bedeutung, by Gustav Lewinstein (Berlin: L. Simion, 1897)

L'âme du Criminel, by Maurice de Fleury (1860-1931) (Paris: F. Alcan, 1898)

Tobacco: Can It Be Defended? by J. B. Wight (Butler, Ind: Higley Press, 1900 1964)

Tobacco: Its History and Effects, by H. A. St. John (Westfield, IN: Gospel Minister, ? 1900 1950)

The Criminal Mind, by Maurice de Fleury (1860-1931) (London: Downey, 1901)

Is Tobacco Smoking Injurious to Health?: Medical Opinions Collated from the Lancet, by Herbert Henry Tidswell (Torquay: 1907)

Our Bodies and How We Live, by Dr. Albert F. Blaisdell (Boston: Ginn, 1904) (an elementary school textbook).

Tobacco by Dr. Norbert Ortner (Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1908) In: Treatment of Internal Diseases (1908), p. 4, 354, 382

The Human Body and Health: A Text-book of Essential Anatomy, Applied Physiology, and Practical Hygiene: Advanced, by Alvin Davison (1868-1915) (New York: American Book Co., 1908)

Le tabagisme, étude expérimentale et clinique, by Abel Gy (Paris, G. Steinheil, 1909) alibris

Die nervösen Erkrankungen der Tabakraucher, by Lothar von Frankl-Hochwart [1862-1914] (Wien, Germany: A. Hölder, 1912) alibris

"L'Intoxication par le Tabac, by Dr. Abel Gy (Paris: Masson et Cie, 1913) alibris

Tobacco Must Go ... by T. J. Ogburn (Greensboro, N.C.: 1922)

Les états dépressifs et la neurasthénie, by Maurice de Fleuy (1860-1931) (Paris: F. Alcan, 1924)

The Harm of Tobacco Smoke: For Smokers and Non-smokers, by W. N. Boldyreff, John H. Kellogg, et al. (Battle Creek, Mich.: 1930)

Tombstones and Profits, by Luther Burbank

Smoke over America by Dr. Jesse Mercer Gehman (East Aurora, N.Y.: Roycrofters, 1943)

Dr. Ruth Clifford Engs, Prof, Applied Health Science, Indiana Univ, Bloomington, Clean Living Movements: American Cycles of Health Reform (Praeger, 2000)

Books Here Reprinted, on Tobacco Effects
The Mysteries of Tobacco,
by Rev. Benjamin Lane (1845)
The Use and Abuse of Tobacco,
by Dr. John Lizars, M.D. (1859)
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