DoJ Regularly Falsifies, Mistreats Workers:
No Surprise To Me, On The Receiving End of Its Lying

            Now the Dept of Justice has been caught lying, mistreating its own workers! No surprise to me, a federal personnel and crime prevention official. The law against falsification, 18 USC § 1001, is the first one I was taught in the government thirty years ago: 'Falsifying personnel documents is a five year felony; report it ASAP.'

            I, at the Department of the Army (having received no notice of charges of misconduct to the contrary), have seen lying Department of Justice attorneys up close, often, and corrupt. Its unprofessional staff see daily lying in their own agency, so felt no compunction about lying in my case, so aided and abetted action against me despite my perfect record and supervisor Jeremiah Kator supporting me. He knew there are no charges against me, so refused to sign for any whatsoever.

            Instead, Mr. Kator kept giving me awards, even after the lying Department of Justice staff claim I was gone!! There was no 5 USC § 7513 notice of charges of misconduct against me, from Mr. Kator or anyone, and DOJ staff know it. So they, under Kenneth Starr, et al., went so far as to bribe judges to fabricate nonexistent events, accommodation issue, and a disability retirement application. They claim I applied to retire myself at age 34! on total disability! Despite both the agency and OPM putting the contrary on the record! They bribed judges to say I did it, without doctor's letters in support no less!

            DOJ employees know it lies. It lied under Kenneth Starr, who handled my case. Lying and the culture of lying about workers was rampant. The books were being juggled on more than pay. They were doing it here, falsifying worker safety data. They knew the hazard, yet said to the contrary, even after their own appellate review agency (USACARA) told them to come into compliance.

            DOJ, the agency responsible for enforcing the law (ha!), has long been known by me, by personal experience, to be a rogue agency, its so-called "professionals" acting in deliberate, malicious, intentional, brazen, ongoing, routine, rampant, disregard of the law. It is an agency whose employees bribe federal judges to invent allegations of events that never occurred, to defeat me, an anti-drug whistleblower, opposing the rampant smuggling.

Examples of Books on Government Corruption
            The book by Charles R., Ashman, The Finest Judges Money Can Buy, And Other Forms of Judicial Pollution (Los Angeles: Nash Publishing, 1973) provides 74 documented cases of corruption, including via bribes, "loans" and prostitutes.

         The book by Jonathan Kwitny, then a Wall Street Journal investigative reporter and biographer of Pope John Paul II, The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA (New York: W. W. Norton, 1987), gives examples of government officials smuggling drugs into the U.S. and taking action against those rare honest government agents (like me) who wanted to halt the smuggling. In my case, the DOJ used bribery of judges to pretend I applied to retire myself at age 34!1

        The book by Michael Levine, a Drug Enforcement Agency agent 1965-1989, The Big White Lie (New York: Thunder's Mouth Press, 1993), labels the war on drugs an "illusion" due to officials including at the Department of Jujstice undermining it so much, e.g., releasing well-connected drug criminals, denying needed support to agents so excess casualties would result, etc. He can a sequel citing the corruption in my case.

        The New York City Commission to Investigate Alleged Police Corruption,  Knapp Commission Report on Police Corruption  (1972), has examples of police pressured or corrupted to not enforce laws; while not all are corrupt, those who are not, typically look the other way with respect to corrupt colleagues. This is the EXACT SAME situation in the Department of Justice. But so far, my experience is that I have not found a single honest one at DOJ, willing to undo the bribery and retract the bribe-induced claim that I applied to retire myself at age 34!

        An entire agency can be operated in such an egregiously corrupt fashion as to constitute a criminal enterprise. Such a situation was found in Cook County, Illinois, a criminal enterprise, United States v Murphy, 768 F2d 1518, 1531 (CA 7, 1985) cert den 475 US 1012; 106 S Ct 1188; 89 L Ed 2d 304 (1986). See related cases, United States ex rel. Collins v Welborn, 868 F Supp 950, 990 (ND Ill, 1994); US v Maloney, 71 F3d 645 (CA7, 1995) cert den 519 US ___; 117 S Ct 295; 136 L Ed 2d 214 (1996), and Bracy v Gramley, 520 US ___; 117 S Ct 1793; 138 L Ed 2d 97 (1997). One problem is that pro-bribery prosecutors don't want to prosecute the so-called "small" cases. To such corrupt, supposedly ethical prosecutors, it's much better to wait until there is a massive, widespread, rampant, systemic problem!! Sure got their druthers here!!

            The DOJ is itself a continuing criminal enterprise. Nobody can be surprised at such a rampantly rogue, corrupt agency committing additional crimes. When crime is rampant, felony personnel record falsifications, as at DOJ, on a daily, and pay period basis, claims of it being a surprise are incredible, utterly devoid of integrity. My experience shows that DOJ employees personally lack ethical standards. To them, violating 18 USC § 1001 is a right! You don't believe this? then explain, why is the lawsuit a civil case, not a criminal case!! Remember, it's the first law I was taught, falsifying personnel records is a felony!! Five years in prison. Each offense!!

Examples of Case File Documents
Exposing DOJ Corruption In My Situation

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Rules of Professional Practice
for Attorneys Being Violated
And Attempting To Get Review To Begin
After Being Obstructed So Long

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After Being Obstructed So Long:
Citing Legal Principles With Respect To
Some of The Crimes Being Aided and Abetted

My 28 May 1993 Reminder to the Agency That There Was No Advance Notice

My 15 Sep 1998 Petition For An EEOC Order Directing Review To Begin

A Newsman's Analysis of Starr's Conflict of Interest

My 7 Jan 1992 Attempt To Get Review to Begin

My November 1992 Attempt To Get Review to Begin

A March 1998 Memo on Starr's Apparent Unethical
Concealment of Material In A Private (General Motors) Case

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Agency Reply Seeking to Continue to Obstruct Review

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Michigan's Pertinent Law

My Effort to Get Michigan's Law Enforced During the
Recent Attorney General Litigation

The President's Address for Employee Issues
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
% White House Office of Agency Liasion
Old Executive Office Building, Room 6
Washington DC 20502

         "Removal" is defined as "A disciplinary separation action, other than for inefficiency or unacceptable performance . . . where the employee is at fault," according to Federal Personnel Manual Supplement 296-33, Subchapter 35, Glossary, page 35-11, pursuant to pre-identified (30 days prior) written notice of charges of violating conduct rules or performance standards, citing the rules, qualifications requirements, and/or performance standards involved as allegedly having been flagrantly and willfully violated, incidents, dates, witness names, etc., and typically citing prior corrective action (warnings, unsatisfactory ratings, reprimands, suspensions, etc.) having failed to secure improvement in performance and/or conduct..

         Anyone can easily verify the lack of notice. Cite the Freedom of Information Act, 5 USC § 552. Request a copy of the notice (by Army TACOM, Warrn, MI) of charges (misconduct, malperformance, etc., warranting disciplinary removal) citing the rules, qualifications requirements, and/or performance standards involved, incidents, dates, witnesses, etc., all 30 days prior to ordering me off the premises. When you get a denial letter, or no response, you will have verified my claim. Of course, when there is no notice, legally pursuant to 5 USC § 7513, the person is on the rolls. Analogy: when there is no divorce decree, there is no divorce, no matter how many years have transpired!


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